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I know this has probably been covered somewhere already, but after an hour and a half of searching, I gave up and decided to make a new post.

I have an established network of 4 PC’s in my home, sharing my DSL service from a DSL modem, and files/printers/game play etc… between them on my LAN….. all through a D-Link 604 4 Port “wired” router. So, I have the typical setup….
DSL Modem (via Ethernet) to D-Link Router (via 4 “wired” ethernet ports) to 4 PC’s.

Here is my problem. I am building a laptop with wireless capability, and want to be able to connect to my LAN and share the broadband access, files/printer. This will give me 5 total computers needing to share broadband access and files/printers. I also have friends with laptops, so it would be nice for them to be able to connect wirelessly when they come over. I have all 4 ports currently filled on my wired router. All 4 of my PC’s, router, and DSL modem are on one end of the house, and I would like to install a wireless router in the middle of my home for best coverage. I have heard of people “chaining” wired routers together. In order to do this, I would have to disconnect one of the current computers from the current wired router, to free up a port, to connect a second router to it. With this in mind, I cannot simply install a wireless AP, or a wireless router configured to be an AP, as I would lose the ability to plug the 4th wired PC into the 2nd wireless router.

Can I take a 2nd router (wireless of course, I am looking at either a TRENDnet TEW-611BRP, or a BELKIN F5D9230-4) with my 4th PC connected to it via wired Ethernet and my laptop via wireless, THEN connect this 2nd wireless router to the now open 4th wired port my current D-Link router(where my 4th PC used to be connected) via a regular Ethernet cable from the “WAN” port on the wireless router?

Again, to clear up if Ive confused you, and Im sure I probably have lol…..

DSL modem hooked to D-Link 604 4 port router.
3 PC’s hooked to 3 wired Ethernet ports (ports 1-3) of D-Link.
2nd router (Wireless Belkin or Trendnet) hooked via it’s WAN port, to 4th Ethernet port on D-Link wired router.
Laptop (wireless) and 4th PC (wired) connected to the 2nd (wireless) router.

Can I do this? And if I can, will I keep the full functionality of my LAN and wireless access with the 2nd (wireless) router?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. You need a bridge to tie wireless networks together.

    Your best option would be to buy a 8 port router and 1 AP. Position the Ap in the middle. But would require a nic cable to your main router.


    add a switch to expand your router, And connect a AP to it.
  2. if an AP is used, and connected to a router with one ethernet cable, then wouldnt any and all laptops connecting to that wireless AP be sharing one connection?

    I think what I have decided to do is go with a 4 port MIMO wireless router. I will connect all 4 PC's in the house to an 8 port ethernet switch via cables. I will connect the switch (and 4 hard wired PC's) to the 4 port wireless router via ethernet cable using only one port on the router.... thus leaving 3 connections on the wireless router for wireless connections from laptops etc... And of course, the router being hooked to the DSL modem.

    Does this sound like it would work?
  3. You only have one ISP service, so its one in the same. True AP's can handle multiple connection easier than a router. They all share a connection 10mbps, so your max is 3-4 anyway before you over load. IF 100mbps 20 users.

    Stay away from the 11n unless you want to replace every thing it a year. Wait till the standard is ratified. Besides some of them do not test any better than a 11g with large packets. Besides I doubt that any of your current LT have it.
  4. Point taken. I was going to go with MIMO for extended range, but after more checking I see that is only with MIMO adapters, and doesnt increase b & g range/speed with your current adapters.

    SO......I have read you can use a wireless router as an AP. Since wireless AP are so much more expensive than routers....

    how would this scenario work?

    Standard 4 port wired router (D-Link DI-604)...an 8 port ethernet switch with 4 PC's hard wired to it and connected to one wired port of the router. This gives me full and easy file transfer/game play across my LAN (through the switch, behind the router) and the one LAN wire connecting it to the router, is MORE than sufficient to carry my 1.5MB DSL to the 4 PC's.

    Then, use a 54mb wireless router (Belkin F5D7230-4 or D-Link DI-524) as an AP, also connecting it to a port on the router. This would only fill 2 of the 4 ports on the router, allowing for expansion of 2 more AP if needed. I would have to do some more reading to know how to use the wireless router as an AP, but think this would definately get the job done, and prbably be the most cost efficient also.... as I can buy the 3 components stated above for less than $100.

    Thanks for your input Blue,

  5. Stay away from Belkin, I've had nothing but bad luck with them. The biggest problem with wireless routers is the low gain antennas. By the time you replace them to something usable, you have spent another $30-60 bucks, which makes the routers more expensive. USR 5450 AP comes with 5dbi antennas. Works great. I also have the matching 5410 PCMCI card. With the AP on low power, I can cover 50', through 4 walls and still stay connected with 125mbps. My internal Raylink card is junk. With AP on high, I'm lucky to get 15' 1ne 2 walls. Besides I get dropped connections 10' from the AP. Have been looking for a mini-pci card to replace it.
  6. First off, thanks for all the help. This is what I wound up with...

    I bought a Zonet ZFS3008 8 port Ethernet switch. I have the 3 desktops in my office hard wired to this switch. I also have 3 hard wires run to it, from other RJ45 wall jacks in various parts of my home. I bought a Zoom 4400AP wireless AP, installed it mid point of my home, and hard wired it to the 8 port switch. This gives me a total of 7 filled ports, leaving the 8th port as the uplink connector to my D-Link DI-604 Wired Router, and the only thing hooked to it. The Zoom AP was easy to set up, my laptop sees it fine and keeps a good signal even out on the deck. I kept my LAN in tact for game playing/file sharing. I now have wireless access, and am a happy camper! Thanks for all the help and info folx :D
  7. I'm glad you found a solution.

    A simpler, possibly cheaper solution would have been to buy a wireless router with a 4 port wired switch built in. Granted you won't have any open wired ports in the future...

    OR, it is possible to use a wireless router as an access point by plugging one of the LAN ports into an existing network, similar to daisy chaining switches. It will be necessary to disable the WAN and DHCP, etc on the wireless router.

    It is also not uncommon to use an 'old' router for its built in switch, instead of buying a new one.
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