Cheapest card that supports dual monitors and games?

What is the cheapest card the supports dual monitors and games decently?
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  1. 7600GS/GT or anything out of the X800/850 series.
  2. This is kind of an off shoot from your topic I am sorry if this is considered thread jacking but I figured it would be better than starting a new thread with the same basic topic. I am planning on running dual monitors with my new rig and I was wondering if you can run dual monitors for the desktop then when you play a game have it load on only one monitor. I don't really care if I can access my desktop on the other monitor while gaming. Just wanted to know is there is something special I have to do in order to do what I would like.

    I wanted to add that I am assuming that most new cards with a dual dvi output can run dual monitors, I am only going to be running 2 17" or maybe 19" crt monitors, I think some of the huge new lcd monitors have dual dvi input in order to run the super high res hell anything over 1280xwhatever is huge res to me. LOL Just wanted to clear up any possible confusion as to the type of monitor I plan on running. Oh and please no opinions on which is better crt vs lcd there are to many arguments on that already. LOL
  3. biohazard420420,

    Since that is my exact situation, it's definitely not thread jacking. One monitor while gaming and two 17" CRT's.

    Except I also currently have two PC's hooked up to one monitor using a KVM switch. Now, I don't need both PC's to run dual monitor, just the one I use for video/photo editing.

    They have VGA/DVI adapter at Newegg, monoprice, etc.
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