Please Help! Routher dropping connection...

Hello. I have never set up or used a network before so i am a complete newbie.

I purchased a belkin wired router and i got everything all set up to work with my DSL. Before, when my DSL was connected to just one computer, it worked flawlessly, never dropped connection or anything. Even as recent as this morning. However, now I have the routher set up sharing the connection between my PC and my laptop, and now it seems to drop the connection every minute or two consistantly - however it will regain connection within about 15 seconds. This makes things like playing games on the internet or downloading pretty complicated.

On both computers I have the settings set to obtain IP address automatically. I did try to set the IP addresses instead, but that did not fix the problem. I have not updated the firmware as I just installed the router today. The problem does take place on both computers. Any help will be greatly appriciated.


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  1. Strange..

    Have you tried a reset on the router? Then running the web-based configuration wizard?

    If its still happening after that, definitely try updating firmware for your Belkin and should the issue STILL occur, I'd have to suspect that there might be something flaky with the router itself.
  2. Yes...I tried to reset the router and then use the web-based configuration.... but every time i reset the router, the settings don't change. I have reset it multiple times... i've held the button down for 30 seconds... nothing seems to work. There is no firmware upgrade, unless i'm in austraillia, which i'm not.
  3. Log into your router, look for the WAN settings, select them. Have a look at the bottom two settings. Either untick Dial on Demand or increase the value underneath(Idle Time (Minutes)). Hope this helps.
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