Powerline Ethernet Range?

I'm trying to set up some sort of network between my house and our garage, and I was wondering how good a powerline ethernet connection would be.

However, the problem with this plan is that the electricity for each building comes in on separate wires and hence through the meter/breaker/distribution panel in both buildings. There's probably 50 metres of cable between the house and garage, via the telegraph post.

Is there any chance that a powerline ethernet network will work in this environment?

I've tried wireless, it's flaky and slow at best, even with a pc with an external antenna right up against the closest window to the house.


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  1. Dunno anything about powerline ethernet but do you have soft ground from the house to the garage where you could bury a cat5e run? Shouldn't cost that much if you use cheap PVC. Probably also want to rent a trencher and save you back.
  2. The powerline does not work with seperate feeders. Your best bet would be run cat5e as earlier requested. Or You could run a wire less bridge between the buildings. Your biggest cost would the outside antennas and 2 bridges, and/or AP's.
  3. Fair Enough, I was just wondering it it was possible as cable drops are really tedious in both buildings (which would be required for both alternative solutions).

    However, I'm not sure about your reasoning for dismissing powerline ethernet on different feeders. If both buildings are connected to the same pole, and are on the same phase, there's definitely a physical connection between them. My question really concerned whether the distance and any interference would destroy the signal.
  4. There is a chance it might work. The one thing that will destroy the signal up at the pole is a transformer. If there is a transformer between the two there will be no chance of a signal reaching over the power line.
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