evga 680i and asus striker extreme 680i

hi, i have been hearing some negative comments lately about the evga 680i board. do you think i would be safer with the asus striker extreme. i plan to run: core 2 duo e6600, 8800GTX, 2Gb corsair PC6400.
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  1. oops wrong forum
  2. as far as I know if you use the last BIOS on the eVGA board most problems are fixed exept the audio problem if using 2x8800GTX.

    Now the striker extreme is a spectacular board but unfortunately is very limited right now.
  3. Both boards were rushed out in time for the Holidays and to get the Hard core extremests blood pumping for latest SLI. So far both boards; the eVGA and ASUS are very buggy. It'll be a few weeks before the issues are all solved with BIOS updates.
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