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I've been running my X1950 in crossfire for almost 3-4 weeks now and it has been running perfectly, with the odd crash which I attribute to drivers or game problems. Suddenly as of this morning, I've not been able to run the cards in crossfire any longer. I've tested the cards out one by one and they each work fine by itself, but when I enable crossfire and load up a game or 3DM05, the system crashes. Error reporting shows an error message about "stop thread stuck in device driver" or something like that and suggests I update my VGA card drivers or turn down hardware acceleration. Since both cards appear to work by themselves, is it safe to put down the problem as a PSU problem? I have a Silverstone 750W and it's a reliable unit so I would be very surprised.
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  1. i wouldnt blame it on the psu. if its the one you're talking about ( with the 4, 18 amp, 12v rails) then thats not it. i would say its either driver related (try refromatting) or you just have a retarded motherboard. seen many cases like this and it's a 50/50 shot. try reformatting first. if it works, then consider yourlself lucky. if it doesnt, then i would suggest you find a way to get a different mobo. asus has been going down the drain recently.
  2. I bet $20 it's your memory and not your powersupply ... I had the same problem 1 week ago my computer was running perfectly fine, and ran every game with no errors then all of a sudden I woke up one morning and it went to hell. I checked voltage and everything was normal. I ran a video game and it crashed and rebooted and gave me a device driver error. I then decided it could be the memory and took one out and everything ran fine. I took the other memory out and ran the next one (keep in mind i'm running dual memory) the computer would not boot up the memory was dead.

    A long story short check your memory also ...
  3. hmm...i never thought of that... try it. cant hurt.
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