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I have two WD 320gig HD's in Raid0 (total 640gig). I also have one WD 500gig HD that I would like to use for a backup. Everytime I try to backup my computer to the 500 it gives me the error code 0x8000019. I have made sure that my Volume Shadow Copy is enabled in my services. What else would cause this error? Is it because my backup hard drive (500gb) is not as big or bigger that my Raid0 setup (640)?
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  1. Are you manually copying files from the RAID array to your 500GB drive? Or are you using some automated backup utility to do it?
  2. I am using windows 7's integrated backup utility. The backup utility backs up all files and creates an image as well.
  3. It is because you are trying to basically mirror a 640 gig partition to 500 gig partition, you can't do that! Check to see if there is a way to do an incremental data backup only, instead of trying to mirror the entire partiton.
  4. I tried backing up just the files- no success. i tried just creating an image (which should be no larger than 30gb)- no success. The only way i can backup anything is by manually backing up my files.
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