Speakers or headphones?

Hey, I was looking to buy a new set of speakers and heard good things about the Logitech Z-5500 but it was out of stock and maybe a bit more expensive than I would like, so I thought maybe this would be a good choice:


Then I was thinking about how little I would actually be able to blast the speakers (don't have my own apartment yet), and how they might be a little lacking in quality.

Think this headphone would be a better choice?


Also, I would need a new soundcard, I have an old creative Live! 5.1 from like... 5 years ago? Right now I am actually using the onboard sound from my new motherboard (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16813128012) Audio Chipset Realtek ALC883
Audio Channels 8 Channels.

So I was thinking about getting a:


But I don't really know much about sound cards. Is that a good choice or is there something a bit more fitting? Also, would those speakers that I was thinking about be good for movies and music? I haven't played many FPS lately (only play World of Warcraft atm), and I don't normally have in game sound on (I like to listen to winamp).

Thanks for the advice =P
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  1. well, i know that headphones are very appealing for their sound quality and because they are private, but i think unless you are a complete basement shut-away, you get tired of the headphone sound and feel.

    speakers can give you the feel of music that you can't get from headphones. but i do understand your dillema and headphones are necessary from time to time.

    whether you buy the headphones or the speakers is up to you, but one thing i will mention is that if you are considering headphones, and you dont want to be cumbered by wires, consider these:


    i have these and they are the ultimate in convience. you appreciate them more and more the more you have them. but anything above 40$ from sennheiser is going to be great.

    as for the soundcard, its a great one, i have one and love it. anything above the x-fi music is just wasting money.
  2. How about a Klipsch 2.1 ProMedia for that X-fi? Headphones are good but this is they don't have that good bass tump as subwoofer. But you crank the sound without waking up your room mate and neighbors. The X-fi is no doubt a good addition if you want better sound quality.

    Klipsch 2.1 ProMedia
  3. Is 2.1 better for movies and music than 5.1?

    I have altec lansing 2.1 right now, and they are okay. I bought them for like 70 bucks 5 years ago, but I definately want to upgrade (these old ones will go to my brother, he doesn't even have speakers).

    Those headphones look nice btw. Maybe I will get both.
  4. yeah, those headphones are amazing. i am a anti-wireless guy, i hate wifi internet, wireless keyboards and mice, and just about everything wireless, except those headphones.

    you can get up and walk around and you never feel weighed down by headphones.

    only problem is that they tend to fly off it you go nuts and shake your head around 8O
  5. I'd like to get these speakers


    Has anyone seen them for sale lately?
  6. Would you guys go with:




    For listening to music and movies, and occasionally games (I play games all of the time, but usually listen to winamp instead of in game sounds). I have an X Fi soundcard.

    Also, what about this? Massively expensive, but would it be worth the price just out of coolness factor?

  7. I have experimented and ended up on keeping headphones. I live in an apartment and with other computer users. That is the primary reason I use the headphones as I could not play audio at any level with interfering with others in the room. That said, for games that have a headphone setting in audio the surround-sound affects are plenty good enough for me. In the game Far Cry, for example, sound cues are important and I can tell what direction they are coming from in my headphones.
    I have this Sony model and I am satisfied with them. I wear them for hours at a time. This is just me, and others will feel differently since a lot of it is personal preferences.


    I have a SB Live 24 bit sound card. The sound quality of this modest card is better than any onboard sound I've heard. There is more clarity (less noise). That said, newer boards have better codecs and chips so that can vary as well. As I use headphones I don't need a card that has multi-channel decoders and drivers.

    For another perspective, my stepson (14) has a 5.1 sound system with his computer and sometimes uses the speakers, and other times he prefers using headphones. Why he has different preferences at different times I don't know; that's just what he does, and he has his computer in his bedroom and can play his speakers at a decent level without annoying us except when he turns his subwoofer on.
  8. Well if you use a great sound card like the X-Fi Extreme Music then you can use it nicely by pairing it out with nice set of speakers. Well, that a good suggestion with your budget but if you can having the X-fi to run Klipsch 5.1 ProMedia will a very good experience. I have the X-fi and 2.1 ProMedia and playing movies sounds better than my Logitech 5.1 speakers it replaces. So that happens to be the same speakers on your selection.
  9. here, here...wireless anything blows.
  10. I have an X-Fi sound card, now I am trying to decide between the cheaper Klipsch Promedia 2.1, or perhaps a Logitech Z-5500.

    I listen to music, play games, and watch movies on my computer.

    How do you like the Klipsch 2.1? I'd like to save the money and get those if they are a good choice, although the coolness factor of the Logitech 5.1 seems nice.
  11. The Klipsch 2.1 ProMedia may not be a true surround sound, but these speakers can put out high quality sounds. With the X-Fi I watch movies and listen to music and I love it. Gaming wise I mostly use my Bose headphone and set the card to max. The headphone surround gaming CMS3D of the X-fi, and man I can the sounds really clearly. With the ProMedia the sound is also great.

    If you get the Logitech Z-5500 ($300-$350 range), that would be great too but if you're willing to spend that much money then you might as well get the Klipsch 5.1 ProMedia. But it really depends on your choice really. If you like to play really lound music like rock and metal then you should go for the 5.1 since it has louder output. Med to low volume the Klipsch 2.1 will give you a very good sound quality.

    But whatever you want to buy, just make to search the better price. Sometimes you can find a really bargain and saves lots of money. Try Pricegrabber.com and Nextag.com for price search.



  12. The keyword was he wanted to save money which no one bothered to read. Stick with onboard sound the mobo you have at the moment is pushing out a 5.1 signal that isn't that bad. Pocket the 100.00 they telling you to spend on xfi which will give u minimal gains in WoW the game he actually plays. You probally want the speaker/mic for ventrillo. I reccomend either Medusa USB 5.1 99.99 or Razer Barracuda 99.99. Both are great headsets and will be your best bet. As for speakers why spend all that money on a nice set of speakers when you can't crank it up anyways? Stick with better heasdset then speakers if you game.
  13. I have good headphones (Grado & Sennheiser) and listenable speakers (Logitech Z5500) and I can honestly admit that I prefer listening to the mult-channel speakers. No matter how comfortable the headphones are they're not as comfortable as not wearing them at all. My headphones are more accurate but for just fun listening I enjoy the speakers.

    ...and most importantly, to me, many people listen to headphones too loud and thus highly risk damaging their hearing...this is probably less likely with speakers. I turn my headphones down so low, out of fear, that I feal rewarded by listening to my poorer Logitechs at moderate volume.
  14. Hmmm... read before you type out a post please. He has roomates, that's why he was looking into headphones. Next time babble on in a post where you actually read what people are talking about.
  15. I forgive you. I didn't say don't use headphones. Obviously, from my sig, I enjoy headphones. ...because he has roommates doesn't mean he can't enjoy speakers...or does it?
  16. what you could do is go to a fabric shop and get foam (the cotton type stuff) and basically sound proof your room a little. if you really want to hear or have the 5.1 surround sound capability. i did it and it works decently with ducktape( if you can duck it well you knwo the rest) not that expensive.

    id suggest if your lazy or dont have time just get a decent sound card it will have eax abilities. also get a headset w/ 5.1 surround sound on it. doesnt have to be 100 dollars that a little over kill id say more around the 50 dollar range.
  17. thanks for the responses, I ended up going with klipsch 2.1s and a X Fi soundcard. =p
  18. Nice, same as my setup. :wink:
  19. the best thing is to have the two , when you want to listen some music not so close to the pc is better put the sound in speakers

    but sometime to enter in a best experience with the game headphones can do it better, or sometimes when you canot disturb people around you
  20. Well I have both logitech z5500 and the klipsch 5.1 pro media, If I had to buy again just one it would be the z5500. The control pod is much better has more power and options and sounds very good. Also my klipsch has been in for warranty 3 times and I've had 3 units with problems ranging from, blown left channel, to total amp failure. Don't get me wrong they do sound great but I wouldn't say any better than the z5500 buy any means.

    As for headphones there is only ONE option if you really want good 5.1 headphones and that is medusa 5.1
    They will blow your mind!!! read some reviews if you gwet 5.1 headphones these are the ones you buy NOTHING else lol
  21. I do not inform to take this acoustics of settlement, type Klipsch 2.1. As it is a full deposit, a sound as from flanks. Here again Logitech Z-5500 rather something for the price.
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