DVD-RW not working!!!


i have a strange problem with my DVD-RW. i bought it about 6 months back and used it to burn DVDs only once but frequently burn CDs. Now whenever i try to burn a DVD (using nero) i always get an error no matter whatever i am trying to burn. i have tried updating the firmware and use different DVDs but have failed.

Is there a solution or should i replace mine? btw its an Emprex brand.
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  1. If you are burning images, use UltraISO or another program to convert the image to .nrg.
  2. In every computer I owned, the CD or DVD drive is the first component to fail. Tough luck buddy. And what the hell is Emprex? Go get the $30 Lite-on drive from newegg.

  3. Here are some links which might help you solve the problem:

    BTC/Emprex drives: General Troubleshooting


    Forum about Emprex drive problems

  4. thanks alot for the replies,

    i received the dvd rw as a gift and had no idea that dvd-rw r so cheap. best sloution is to get a new one

    btw i am using nero version 6.3
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