need help finding out what psu to put in my pc

hello for christmas i am gewttinga video card this one
my pc specs/overview is here
like i said i dont know much about power supply everytime i link one someone said they wont work in my prebulit any way i really dont want to buy a new mobo. heres a psu i was looking at

my psu said
FSP group INC
model numer FSP300-6otha(1)

AC input 100-127/220-240v-, 7/3.5A, 60/50HZ
DC Output 300w (+3.3v & +5v=130w max)
+3.3v then its a symbol like =and --- underthat 20.0A (org),+5v symbol 26.0A red +12v symbol 8.0A (yel) +12v2 symbol 14.0A yelblack +5vsb symbol 2.0a -12v symbol 0.8A blue
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  1. Have you considered a GPU PSU like this Thermaltake W0099RU?

    It takes up a 5.25" bay and can be had for a mere $46 w/ free shipping from
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