So many choices only 1 right answer What case should I get?

Im building a new computer and I want a deacent case. Im going to want one that I will be able to take to lan parties (and hopefuly show off) and also able to fit all my components and keep them safe and cool. My set up is:

Core 2 Extreme X6800
Asus Striker Extreme with a Tuniq Tower cooler
Thermaltake toughpower 750W
2 eVGA 8800GTX in SLI
not sure on memory yet (if you have any sugestions on Ram I'd be glad for you to share)

The cases I've been looking at are:

Antec 900

Antec p180/p180b (is there a differance besides color?)

Thermaltake Armor /with replacement side


ABS Nighthawk (there are no reviews so I dont know anything about it)

Thermaltake SOPRANO

Those were the ones I was looking at, but I'd love sugestions also. My main issue is will the compunents fit well and does it have good air flow.
Longer vidoecards?
Power suply cords reaching?
Some key issues to keep in mind.

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  1. The best would be the Armor and get the one with the 250mm fan side panel, for best cooling. The P-180 is also one the best case there is. The 900 would is just as good. The Lexa is plastic.

    So in my order would be:

    1. Armor with 250mm fan side panel (great for air cooling setup)
    2. 900
    3. P180
    4. not buying Lexa
  2. just added 2 more that i'm looking at
  3. Still looking for sugestions and comments.
  4. You can't go wrong with the Armor/250mm side panel case. It's perfect for your Tuniq Tower 120 cooler. :wink: Besides the case has plenty of space for upgrades.
  5. For heavy lan partyer's I would avoid the P180 due to its not all that rugged, its still a great quite case tho. If you want a mid tower maybe a Lian-Li PC-60BPLUSII or something similar would be good, it has a slideable mobo tray, side window, relevantly good cooling and you should be able to pull off a great wiring job if you take your time. Wire it like this and your friends will be impressed. 8)

    *Edit I forgot about the big ass cooler, but a mid tower would still be slightly easier to lug around.
  6. Quote:
    You can't go wrong with the Armor/250mm side panel case. It's perfect for your Tuniq Tower 120 cooler. :wink: Besides the case has plenty of space for upgrades.

    It's a very good case but it's not that portable. Also, being used for Lan parties this obviously leaves no choice but to pick the all aluminium model other it will quite heavy.
  7. p180 , its quiet, it looks great, its silver which relfects radiation heat, and and i have one so it must be good =D

    if not p180 900 2nd choice...
  8. Actually I have the case minus the 120 on the side panel.. it is whisper quite with a 6600 and a 1950xtx + 2 150 raptors.. blah blah.. anyway

    Its heavy.

    Fully loaded id say its breaking 20 pounds. Its awkward to carry.. and downright huge. I lugged it to and from my friends house for the first time today.. my back hurts.

    Also, careful with the 'plastic holsters' for the expansion cards, they dont lock down too securely and i had to re-seat my sound card.

    I will say this, Ill never buy a small case again.. but you need something to hoist this thing up with .. dont carry it in your arms.. bad idea.
  9. I love the new raidmax smilodon case personally. Best case for installation, overall not sure though. Took me around 10 seconds to install the hard drive lol. <3 keyless installation. You can literally just pull a lever to take off a side panel, and take out the motherboard tray for easy installation. Pure pawnage so far. With your budget you may want to consider something else, but consider it.
  10. should be, for that price.
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