BSOD: PC Will NOT Boot into Windows, 2nd Time This Year...

Background: Earlier this year, my dad's PC had issues with the RAID setup or something (BSODs, freezes, etc). So I replaced MB with manufacturer repaired MB (same MB model) and replaced PSU (same model as in sig) and then reformatted.

Today's Problem: RAID 1 had a SRB error and what not, the 1st in 2 months. Before, it was freezing with some other BSODs. After getting another BSOD, I tried a System Restore and another BSOD happened before restoring. I tried another Sys. Rest. pt. all the way back to September, and it worked. Now PC will NOT boot into Windows at all; constant BSODs/reboots occur when the system tries to load Windows.

Attempts: Tried all 3 Safe Modes to no avail. MemTest86 says RAM is fine. WD's Data Lifeguard says HDD's are fine.

Questions: Could it be a faulty SATA controller on both the MBs? Should I just reformat again with NO RAID setups, just 2 HDDs? Could it be the CPU? Note: Although I have the latest GPU drivers installed, Standby never worked (ended up rebooting upon wakeup). Could it even be related to a defective GPU?

Note: I also ran RegMech before Sys. Restore and fixed a bunch of only missed this one.... I also ran Disk Check prior to Sys. Rest...


His specs:

ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe
AMD Athlon 3200+ (Stock)
Corsair 2x512Mb XMS PC 3200 (Stock)
MSI Geforce 3 Ti200
2x80Gb 7200RPM WD SATA drives

Thanks. I will keep you guys posted...before I do HW...
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  1. Im not an expert but, if it will not power at all, you might want to try tripping CMOS, then see what happens...........either or could very well be that the GPU is worn out , and running raid maybe up the PSU, even on your ATI card PSU could be upped some, X800 cards are power hungry
  2. My bad, I clarified that the system will not boot/load into Windows. And no, he has different specs (Geforce 3)
  3. here check this BSOD tips

    maybe that will help, make sure to check out the last part of the tut
  4. I'll try some of those now. Thanks.
  5. Well, I was going to do the repair technique....but I guess the data's too corrupted. The Windows CD could NOT detect any old installations of XP.

    But trying to go to the root of the problem, what could've caused this? Perhaps some faulty software?
  6. could be a number of things, from software, to wrong drivers.

    did you try Rick's technique under that by changing the boot order...... I know in the past I have had similar probs, and that best suits what I think you are going for
  7. Alright, quick and easy ways to fix a bsd(just did them myself):

    1) Boot into the Recovery Console on your Windows XP disk
    2) Run the following commands: fixmbr, chkdsk, and bootcfg.
    (I do not have the last one memorized, please check that command)

    The Fix MBR command should fix the Master Boot Record, which should fix many boot errors(self explanatory). CheckDisk will check your disk for errors and fix any it finds, and bootcfg should allow you to check the boot configuration.

    I am not sure how these commands will work on a raid array. If you need any more help, feel free to ask.

    - If someone notices any errors or discrepancies in my post, please mention them. I don't want the user to f$%^ up his system.
  8. K, thanks. And his system is already really messed up already....last resort is a full reformat...
  9. and yes, i tried the different boot order.
  10. So I fixed it...

    I was actually going to do what you recommeded, but on, I read something about having to split the drives because the recovery console wouldn't work with mirrored sets. After deleting his RAID 1 set, I tried booting into Windows just for kicks; it works just fine now.

    Thanks for your help; it led me in the right direction.

    I plan to disable his RAID array and just tell him to backup stuff on his other drive. I guess his SATA controller or something ain't working right, but oh well....

    Now, I need to fix his other issue with his wireless device.... anybody want a used Netgear 54Mbps wireless device?
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