Best motherboard for a Pentium 4 630?

SO i have a Pentium 4 630 i got off a gateway and its motherboard, i was thinking about upgrading too C2D however thats going to be expensive so i was thinking maybe just update the motherboard to allow me to OC my current processer since my current motherboard cannot.

Any recommandations i really dont know whats a good P4 Ocing MOBO.
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  1. The 965p boards will give you some overclocking options and run the cd2 when you're ready to upgrade. But you'll need a good power supply and heatsink to overclock the 630. It may not be worth it. DFi, Abit, and Asus usually have the most overclocking options in the bios. I would just save a bit more and go with the e6300. Some will overclock without an expensive heatsink or power supply.
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