VIVO? Software? UGG??

I purchased an X1900xt Sappy 256mb with VIVO. I want to connect my PS2/other stuff to the coaxial input and thats fine, but what the hell do I do after that? I have searched for over 30 mins now and I see nothing for video capture or anything! Unless anyone has some ideas, what is the point of the VI part of VIVO??? (Video In Video Out). My Google friend does nothing in terms of searching!

The last time I had an ATI card was the 9700pro and the software came on the disk. Nothing is on the Sapphire disk, but drivers, that came with the card.

Am I missing something here? :?
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  1. i'm not sure about ati vivo but on nvidia cards there was a second driver just for that. if everything is installed correctly than any video capture program should work. i used win dvd director or creator (don't remember exactly) and it worked fine. just google video capture software and you should find plenty
  2. Thanks. Ran across Virtual Dub. Works well... Now over to AVS forums to see if I can upscale the video and add some sharpen :D

    Works well BTW:

    Note: Make sure you set the NTSC resolution to 640x480 or it will be garbled.
  3. same troubles for me

    I have a x1800gto vivo from Sapphire, on the Cd-rom no acquisition or output drivers was found, i had to go on the ati web site to obtain for my card the correct WDM drivers for my tv200 chip ...

    I've tried every Ati MMC software with no success, iuvcr, and other softwares until i've found Intervideo WinDvr 3 who works flawlessly in mpeg2 recording.

    And for my card drivers i'm running the omega drivers ... the ATI catalyst did cause me some troubles it did not wanted to install.
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