E6300 to OC but what MOBO?

Ok I hear the E6300 is the best bang for the buck. Although this review http://www.tomshardware.com/2006/10/10/cheap_thrills/ suggests that the E6400 might be a better OC?

I also read this MOBO review http://www.tomshardware.com/2006/11/13/shootout_at_the_core_2_corral/ which talks about which MOBO is best to OC (Abit AB9pro).

I am mostly just interested in what is the general consensus as to which board is the best to OC on since people have been having great OC success on these for 4+ months. What are your personal success stories? I plan to use a Zalman CNPS9700 for HS&F.

Also any ram suggestions since I guess it is time to upgrade to DDR2.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I've got a couple tough CPU's here. The AB9 Pro boots at higher speeds. That's not to say the system is stable at higher speeds, but I'd rather see a boot followed by a blue screen than a black screen that requires resetting BIOS.
  2. a nice budget good OC mobo would be the Gigabyte GA-965-S3

    I got my e6300 to 3.0ghz stable with only 1.2volts
  3. There are several good P965 boards that OC very well with the E6300. The gigabyte DS3 or S3 are good options or the abit AB9 pro, the msi P965 platinum or the bistar Tforce 965PT. :)
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