Did my brother fry my new pc??

I was putting together my new pc.

I have the following

OCZ GameXStream 600w
Gigabyte S3
C2D 6300
Thermaltake Blue Orb II

I currently do not have the memory or v card. I will be ordering them this week. As I went to get something to drink, my brother plugged in the power supply and turned it on. Shortly after he said there was a burnt smell. Now this is my first time building a pc so I am not sure if I would need the memory installed in order for anything to work. So what do you think? Did he fry something? I fear he did and if so any clue what it was or do I have to wait until I have all my components to further investigate?

Thanks for your help.

In case you are wondering, I used the Artic Silver 5 compound on the cpu
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  1. check your trans/res for any popping of the nodes any bubble effect or Oozing would be the first thing to look for
  2. What are trans/res? Do you mean the transistors or connectors on the cpu?
  3. yes Transistors/Resistors
  4. Sorry but I don't understand why you would even have all of that out in the first place. It won't run without ram or video card so just leave it all in the boxs until you need them.

    Like mentioned looked for bulging or black marks on your motherboard. I don't know how you could fry anything even if it was plugged in, the computer should have just refused to post. The only way you could have fried anything in the computer was to have bare contacts touching metal. Either that or the psu itself blew.
  5. Ok, I have checked the cpu and the cpu slot on the mobo. There doesnt seem to be any damage at all. Whew. Anything else that you can think of that would cause the smell. Well its good to know that nothing would start without the ram. Hmm, now I wonder if the psu blew. Any to tell?

    I installed the items just to get a head start on the building, and ofcourse I was just overzealous I guess.

    Thanks again.
  6. I probably would have done the same thing you did, it is nice to get a head start on a build esp w/ the mobo & PSU you can start to get the wiring laid out, it can take a bit of time. I think your problem is you let your bro touch your rig :? :lol:

    Have you tried to isolate the burning smell like removing the PSU and giving it / mobo / CPU a good whiff?

    If you suspect the PSU and have an old hdd / cdrom you don't really care about then by all means you can jump start the old PSU (link) and see if it fires up standalone, if it works ok maybe the board is grounding out to the chassis somewhere? Not a bad idea to give it a once over...
  7. When I say it won't run I mean it won't POST. If you plug the power in and turn the computer case switch on (assuming that what you have up to now is installed with all the power cables) then all your components will TRY to boot up and will therefore receive power.

    No way to know right now what could be wrong until you have everything. You can test the PSU by itself by plugging in a couple of hdd's and fans and shorting the green and black wires on the 24 pin psu to motherboard connector.
  8. Popcorn pops. Computers do not. Take it to a professional so you don't risk damaging something else. If the PSU or mobo is bad, you can always get a replacement. But to keep from damaging your CPU or RAM, get the PSU tested first.
  9. Thanks for the reply guys. Let me look into this and see how it goes. Will give you a heads up once I do.
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