Best Triple DDR3 6GB for under $200.00

You had a article about "Best Dual DDR3 for under $150" or something like that.

How about us with Triple DDR3 2x3GB kits for under $200.00?

I think you'll go with what you used in the SBM: Crucial’s Ballistix DDR3-1333 CAS 9.

The article you did (in January 2009) may be dated.

Don't more of use have triple channel than dual channel? Well, maybe those of use who could "afford" it?
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  1. I'd say more people here have dual-channel than triple.

    It's a decent idea I guess, but most 6GB kits are close in price to $150 (US). You could make an article for "The Best 6GB Triple Channel Memory Kit" or something and ask manufacturers to send in what they think to be the best 6GB kit that they make, regardless of price tag. Although it wouldn't be used much for real builds, it's something I wouldn't mind knowing. Maybe have an article for both :D
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