Cannot get my usb to work at all!

my mobo is an asus p5gd2-x ever since i built this i couldnt get the usb to work at was an open box deal when i bought it, so it didnt come with software.i can seem to find a driver for this. as well as that i cant connect my psp to it. i know its usb issues brcause it works on other pc. can anyone help? thx
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  1. the manufactures website should have the various drivers availible for download.

    How do you know its the drivers ?

    Check USB configuration in BIOS.

    Your USB device's should be detected in some way even if they don't work.

    Are you plugging the device's into the USB connectors on the back, Because if you have a case that has USB connectors in the front there's Gaurantee that their actually plugged int anything.

    Also what OS are you using ? probably best supply some details about your setup if you wish for a speedy resolution.

    Make sure USB isn't disabled in device manager or something wierd like that.
  2. Are you overclocked? If your USB devices are showing in windows with a yellow exclamation point by them saying that they aren't working properly, then it's probably an OC problem
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