Any ideas on due date of DX10 mainstream cards?

Does anyone have a date, a general time or even which half of 2007 would mainstream DX10 cards would appear? Pretty much I care mostly of nVidia's offerings since in my country there seems to be a bias with importers for nVidia cards. (who knows go figure).

I am really considering getting a 7600 GT since the price has quite considerably dropped. Though I'd like to make sure when DX 10 mainstream cards would appear so that if i buy the 7600GT, a newer mainstream card that would be cheaper yet faster, slap me hard in the face.

Note: Pretty much I don't care if it would appear H3 2007. I'd then get the 7600GT
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  1. I believe nVidia announced that they would be releasing some new GeForce 8-series cards in January/February, or at least Q1 2007. In another topic asking when DX10 cards priced at about $300 would come out, the articles were linked.

    If you buy the 7600GT, go for eVGA. They have a Step Up program, that allows you, within 90 days of the purchase, trade that card in for a faster card and only pay the difference.

    I was about to buy a 7600GT but decided for $30 more, I could get a 7900GS (256-bit bus instead of 128, and 8 more pixel pipelines), so I'm going to order that soon.
  2. As was mentioned Q1 '07.

    ATi said they will launch their low-mid range along with their marquee as a full line launch, so we should see both ATi and nV offering the mid-range in the first part of next year, likely close to being at the same time.

    And I agree with the eVGA recommendation if you're worried about buying now and then regretting it later. While you'll be locked into nV, it will give you more options and likely the two offerings will be similar enough that the eVGA replacement will be the best route, if it's offered for your country (not sure about all the rules). Even if you decide to go with ATi next year, if available near you, you can just sell the eVGA and use that money as a 'step-up'.
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