Can't get past my router firewall. Need Help or alternative

Hi all, I have recently been faced with the chalange of setting up a small office Lan Network. We are using a Linksys 8 Port Router and I am happy to say that I got our LAN Set up nicely and everyone in the office has access to the Interent.

In a Addition I have set up a shared folder on one of our computers so that everyone in the office can all access the shared folder and colaborate files.

Now when I set up the shared folder orginaly all I had to do was go to each computer in the office and type in the local LAN IP address of the computer that had the shared folder for example START-> RUN-> Then typed in and clicked ok and than I got a list of shared folders and pritners that came up on for that computer... Vwala access to shared folder.

My dilema is that one of our co-workers has unfortunatly broke his hip in an accident and now is working from home.

And he can not access the shared folder by typing in the IP address of the computer in the office with the shared folder because it is a LAN IP address and behind a firewall.

I would like to make this as simple as posible.
Is there a way to give my co-worker access to this shared folder on the computer at our office behind the router on the office LAN, without having to set up a computer to be a DHCP or VPN server.
I just want to simply give access to one computer on our LAN to the outside world.

Now I figured that mabie it could be done by connecting to the WAN IP of the router (The IP address beeing issued to the Router by our ISP) from outside the LAN but I feer that If that is posible I do not have my router configured properly and do not know what to configure to do that.

The main thing is I am trying to avoid having to set up a bunch of technical software and turn my computer into some advanced VPN server I just simpply want to tunnel from the Interent through my router to my LAN and access the computer with the shared folder on it.

Please any thoughts or info would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry if this is a newbie question but when it comes to VPN I am new.
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  1. About the only logical way to do it is to setup a VPN. You could open ports in the firewall to access a windows share but you might as well shoot yourself in the foot. It would be like waving a big sign around, hack me! hack me!

    The only other option (though still not nearly as secure as a vpn) would be to setup a remote desktop server on the persons workstation (like vnc) and forward ports from the router to his computer. He could then connect to the wan ip of your network with the vnc client from home and bring up the desktop of their workstation at work. Vnc only uses 1 port and it doesnt relate to ports windows uses at all so it shouldn't be to bad for a temp solution.
  2. I guess FTP would be an option too but that would require that the files be coppied from the server to the local machine and then copied back. They couldn't be used from the server.
  3. Folken,

    I'm trying to remember, but maybe you know... Does NFS offer authenticated connections? Or is it a simple access list via the export file? Because there are NFS server/clients for windows that could do the trick. I just can't recall if they are secure enough or not.
  4. If it is a 2003 server you could setup a windows NFS server on it. I think it uses local/domain accounts for authentication, havent made an NFS server myself yet but I seem to recall reading it somewhere. That would be a pretty secure connection, never thought about doing a remote NFS client :)
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