Running stock 6300 question.

I'm running a 6300 at stock everything. Have 2G of Crucial ram on Intel M/BD. Ran '05 to check CPU score and got 3465. I have an OC'd Opteron 148 at 2.8G with 1G of Corsair ram and get a CPU score of 5484 on '05. I THOUGHT the 6300 would do much better. Am I mistaken?
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  1. Not with such overclock on the Opty. Overclock the E6300 another Ghz and youll see the difference.
  2. Yes you were mistaken. Core2Duo is a great CPU but still has to adhere to the same situation as any other, that clockspeed matters and single-threaded apps mostly waste the performance potential of the 2nd core.

    Also as rwaritsdario mentioned, you can't get a fair comparison if you only o'c one of them.
  3. So tell me exatcly how much faster is the Opteron again? Seems to be alot acording to the benchmark. But could you explain it to me, so i can understand it. Let's say i want to play BF2, and the hardware is almost the same, except mobo and cpu, how much faster will you start before me? and also how many more FPS will you have than me?

    You know what, i got a better idea, why dont you underclock your Opti to stock speeds, and then run both CPU on 3DMark06 and come back and tell us what you got. :roll:
  4. I clocked my E6300 to match your Opty speed and ran 3Dmark05 Here you go.

  5. I like your idea of running my opty at stock speed and seeing what it will do. It would be interesting to say the least! I fully expected the 6300 to blow the doors off it even thou it was OC'd. Its my personel PC and has served me well but I recommend the Conroes now for serious computing to those who can use it.

    I don't want to OC the 6300 as its a build for a customer but my first Conroe build, thus the reason for my question. I appreciate the feedback from everyone. Thanks.

    I will post my stock CPU opty score on '05. Thats my main interest, not the graphics score as the video cards are not equal and the PCs are used differently.
  6. I set up my opty to run at its stock speed of 2.2G and my CPU score with '05 was 4694. To be quite honest I didn't expect it to do that well.

    So my main concern is that I may not have this Conroe set up properly, thou it does very well multi-tasking even at stock speeds. Perhaps the Intel M/BD I'm using is holding it back. Also this Intel M/BD isn't very OC'n friendly any way. Just need to do multi-taskong well. This is not a gaming PC. Please keep that in mind and I'm not trying to imply that the 6300s are lacking in any way. My goal is to give the best PC for the budget restraints I have to work under. Thus my reason for picking the 6300 in the first place.\":)\" " class="img lazy">
  7. The screen shot is only to meant to show you what the difference was in CPU score at the same clock speed as you Opty(nice CPU by the way). if you enlarge it you will notice the CPU score is 8554. But I would think that it would be comparing apples to oranges in terms of dual core and single core. Although my previous system, 3800+ X2, scored 5201 while overclocked to 2600MHz. This is my first personal Intel build in over 10 years. I'm pleased.
  8. I agree with you comparing dualies to single cores. I'm just worried that I may not have something set correctly on CMOS thus giving me a poor performance of this 6300. You wouldn't happen to know what your 6300s stock CPU score is with '05? I entend on someday building me a dualie when there are more appls for it. For the time being I can live with what I have.

    Thanks on the comment of my opty. I've had it a year now and it has treated me well. Runs 31C idle and 37~39C under load on stock HSF thou I have the fan running at full speed all the time just to be safe.
  9. 6231.

    Your score does look low. What model motherboard are you using? Actually, what are the systems specs, including OS?

  10. NOW THAT IS MORE LIKE IT!!!!! I'm using a Intel DG965RY M/BD. By the score you got comparaed to mine it looks like only 1 core is working. Windows reports both cores thou. I think I need to do a little more reseach on this BIOS at the very least. Thanks for your input my friend. It has proven to be very invaluable to me! I'll work on it tomorrow and see what I can come up with. I'll post my results here once I've exhausted my resoures. Once again thank you for taking the time to do what you did for me.

    Almost forgot to give you the specs;2 X 1G Crucial ram CT2KIT12864AA667 R. Recommended at Intels web site.

    Was using onbd video but got an okay to order a Saffire X550 256M graphics card. Might upgrade monitor and M/BD only had an anolog connection for same.

    WD 160 SATA2 HDD

    XP Home w/sp2b installed and updated.

    Floppy and DVD+/_ RW DL

    Good 350w psu

    PC is going to be used by a pastor for prepairing sermons(some major SW)and accounting, etc for church. Would like to make DVD copies for personal and church use.
  11. Well I have updated the BIOS and all drivers. I still get ~3500 CPU score with '05. I'm wondering if using onbd video is making my score low? Any thoughts about that? My graphics card won't come in til tomorrow or Friday.

    Both cores do seem to be working. I can run adware, A/V and surf the internet as if nothing were running in the background at all.
  12. Have you applied the XP SP2 Dual Core Hotfix?
  13. No I haven't. Didn't know anything about it. Can you tell me anything about it or maybe a link?
  14. I Think this is it a correct link to it...

    Still on my 3500+ so haven't needed to try it out yet :(
  15. Quote:
    I Think this is it a correct link to it...

    Still on my 3500+ so haven't needed to try it out yet :(

    Well I wound up calling MS and they sent me the download by e-mail. Said it wasn't public info and they don't guarantee it will work. I installed it and so far haven't noticed a difference. I'm hoping that once I get a video card I'll get a more normal CPU score with '05. Also installed v1.3 for '05. Thanks for the link thou.
  16. Would like to report that since installing a X550 ATI graphics card my CPU score with '05 has increased to 63**. Now thats what I thought I should have. I find it amazing that onbd video used so much of this CPU. Glad it was a dualie!!
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