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Hi all,
A co-worker and I have new computers - Intel Dual Core 5800 CPU, Broadcom Netlink Gigabit Ethernet network adapter, Windows 7 SP1. We are having issues where any program that downloads other data moves very slowly. Verrrry slowly. For instance, I downloaded the Chrome installer, which downloads the rest of Chrome itself. It took the installer several hours to download Chrome. Windows Update takes hours (or days) to download small updates. AVG Antivirus is like Chrome - you download a small installer, which downloads the main program - and it just times out after 30 min.
I know we must have some sort of connection mismatch that is causing this issue (I'm not technically retarded, but this one is beyond me). I've searched the internet far and wide for a solution, but I can't find anyone else that has had this problem.
I've tried disabling the Windows Firewall, but that doesn't help, and I have no anti-virus that could be causing issues. It's not the internet itself - our old computers still work fine, speed tests show our connection is about 1 meg a second down, and 300Kb up...

So, any suggestions?
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  1. reinstall the drivers from the manufacturers website, might just be that
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