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Please, if you write stories that are to be published online, at the very least please spell check them before putting them out there for the world to read.

I just read this story, and if you look over the comments, I wasn't the only one to notice all the mistakes in the story:,10757.html

Now the author, Wolfgang Gruener, well, sorry its your article that is being made an example of. I have noticed this time and time again recently, on very well known and respected sites.

Unfortunately the number of misspellings and grammatical errors are so common, that it calls into question the very content of the article. If an author is so lazy as to not even spellcheck or read over the story first, then why on earth would they take the time to fact check anything they put in it?
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  1. Yuo aer rihgt, my freind. Whiel typonese mya be accetpabel her on teh forumz, ti dose nto look gud ni an artilce.

    Though mistakes certainly do happen from time to time. I've even made some myself! ;) The feedback is certainly appreciated and I'll send up the suggestion. Thanks!
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