A Xeon processor for a desktop?

I was looking to upgrade the compy and saw that Intel has a Xeon (3040 w/ Conroe core, LGA 775) that falls, price wise, in between the E6300 and the E6400. Does the Xeon offer something that I don't know about? I was under the impression that they were for servers. The specs (clock speed and cache) for the 3040 are the same as the E6300. In case anyone asks, I don't do any gaming, I am looking to get the dual core for speed and multi tasking. I would also like to continue using my AGP card and DDR-400 RAM ($250 is the cap on my budget). Any opinions would be appreciated.
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  1. and good luck using ddr ram with a c2d, there are 3 boards to my knowledge that support both ddr ram and the c2d's, and there all micro-axt form factor boards.
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