2MB vs 8MB

I just bought a Western Digital caviar 250gig EIDE drive with 2MB of cache. I actually wanted the caviar SE with 8MB cache, but I got the wrong one.

Now, I'm wondering if it's worth the journey back to the store for the 8MB cache version.

Additionally, I've found out that the Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 ST3160812A 160GB uses a single platter, with other advantages (less noise). The seagate drive is also in my price range - from newegg:


- and I want to know if that may also be a better option + it's 8MB cache.

Thanks a lot guys.
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  1. Less platters are always better when it comes to niose ouput, power consumption, heat, and ultimate MTBF. The quietest drive I know of is Seagate's 40GB 7200 rpm drive that only uses one side of a single 80GB platter. Go for the seagate if you end up returning stuff.
  2. I agree with Joe on this one, that single plater set up will be quite quiet, but me personally, I'd go with the Seagate.
  3. Personally, I'd look for one of the seagate 7200.10's. Very quiet, cool running... And a 5 yr warranty.
  4. Thanks guys!

    I'm def going for the seagate on this one.

    It's so annoying though how the price range for different capacity hard drives are so close:

    $40 for 80 gig

    $50 for 160 gig

    $60 to $80 250 - 320 gig

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