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First of all, I would like to congratulate the Tom's Hardware Networking for their outstanding work and thank them for all it has tought me.

Now on with my questions. I am looking at setting up a wireless network at my house because I may be getting a laptop and a laptop without Wifi is not a laptop.

I would like to know if an access point like the ones you can buy from Netgear, Dlink, ... is the only device that can be an "access point". Is it possible to use a PC with a wireless card as an access point? Is it possible to do so with IPCop?

Thank you in advance,

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  1. I belive I read some where that it can be done. As lone as the nic cards are supported, you should be good to go. IpCop should do all of the auth and IP assignments.

    A LT with out a Wireless gives you more options if its got a PCMCI card slot. The wireless in my LT is Junk (raylink2550). I use a card bus, 100 times better.

    Purchasing a AP is the best way to add wireless to a wired network. Gives you the flexability to setup for the best coverage.
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