Is this PSU powerful enough?

Right, basically I think I've not bought a beefy enough PSU for this setup. The PSU is an OCZ 520W:

Thermaltake Armor chassis
Core 2 Duo E6600
2 gigs Corsair Dominator RAM 6400
Nvidia 7950 GT
400 gig Seagate SATA HDD
Creative Fatalt1y (with breakout box)

Considering the Thermaltake case has enough fans to provide the moon with an atmosphere, should I go for a 600 or even 700W PSU?
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  1. That calculator came up with 491W at peak load, but given a PSU's tendency to degrade over a year's constant use, I'd be dipping under the total by next year.
  2. well then you have your answer. if you do get a bigger psu, would you be so kind as to donate and fed-ex me your old psu? :wink:
  3. I've never used it, so I can just return it for a refund. Hard luck :lol:
  4. well what can i say? im trying my luck here. i have an old 400w and im in dire need of a replacement.
  5. Build a big wheel and make cats run it to power your system.
  6. how did u manage to get 490 watts in the calculator.

    At most that system takes about 275 watts based on your specs.. My system is very much the same but using an ATI x1900xtx which consumes more than the nvidia and REAL power mesured at the electrical outlet stays below 300 watts under full load...

    my 2cents
  7. I just entered in what I have and it came up with that. You think I'll be fine with 520 eh? I know that calculator calculates the MAX for everything, but I don't want to be wondering if my system is running worse than it ought to be.
  8. Did the calculator again -- it came out as 422. If the PSU IS underpowered, how will I know? Will my system run slower, or will it just crash when it comes under max load?
  9. If you could further develop this idea, you might make your first million. How many cats do you think it would take? How big of a wheel?

    On the other hand, you also might find yourself isolated from the cat lovers on the forum....

  10. I am not sure about the OCZ PSU, ive only heard bad things about them. Id go with the thermaltake. 500W should be plenty
  11. Not sure if the Thermaltake comes with a PSU?

    As for the cat idea, I was thinking of getting a standard household bike generator (which is good up to 800W), and powering a wheel about one metre in height, and wide enough to fit four cats. Alternatively, the human model could be used, possibly used by illegal immigrants.
  12. sorry if i'm slow this morning but cant figure out the 400+ watt... Video card is max 75w, same for cpu, and then there's the rest... Hard to imagine u can top 400 watt with 1 HD and 2 X DDR2 memory.

    Anyway i'm running a machine that has a bit more power requirements then yours on a Antec NeoHe 430 without any issues.
  13. Ah, I'm a dumbass. I didn't notice it said ADDITIONAL PCI-E 16x cards. Without that, it comes out at 327. Well within the limits! I should be okay.
  14. You are WELL within limits on power requirements. Don't listen to all those people who tell you to waste your money on huge power supplies, people on here seem to way over estimate the amount of power systems will use. Running at stock, you would probably use around 300W-350W. Probably closer to 300W.

  15. And with my prototype monkey-powered dynamo, I'll be laughing all the way. Cheers everyone, I was getting mightily pissed off about having to wait even longer for the system of my (wet) dreams.
  16. Now you've gone and made monkey, cat, and illigel immigrant lovers very unhappy with you. You might get banned from the forum!

    On the serious side, I upgraded my system to an x2 4800, 250 hard drives - Raid 0, EVGA 7900 gt, audigy 2zs... The tech put in a 600 watt cooler master... it barely met my pc's needed power requirements. It was also NOISY. Put in a Coolmax 700 watt ...powered for a few years, quiet, and a good warranty. Check the amps on the rails and go for the power you need down the road.

  17. Well according to the guys up there, 520 will be more than enough. If it isn't, I'll just use my cat wheel to boost it.
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