Ok im not in the market for a full upgrade. But i noticed today that my fan on my Gforce4 card has stopped dead. And i can only imagine its been dead for a while. I have not been playing many games lately and the times i do i have not noticed any problems.... But im sure as time and heat goes on this card should die soon...

The design of the fan/heat sink doesn't look replaceable.

So what are the current best AGP available, i realize PCIE has taken over.

Perhaps a top 3 list of cards with model numbers if possible.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. #1 - Radeon X1950 pro
    #2 - Gainward 7800GS Bliss+ 24-pipe (not available North America)
    #3 - X850XTpe/7800GS/6800U/X800XTpe/X850XT/7600GT(about tied)
    #4 - X800XL/6800GT/X850 pro(about tied)

    Looking at group #3, the 7600GT and 7800GS are in the $180-220 range. The X850 pro in Group # 4 is a good buy if budget limits you to under $150. If you simply want the best, look for #1 as they are just coming out.
  2. I'll second that.
  3. Ya I agree. The x1950pro is the best AGP card out now, and most likely will be. Then the 7800GS, or if you got the cash, the Gainward 7800GS(clocked speeds like a 7900GT) Then comes the x850xt, 7600GT, 6800GT, etc.
  4. Okay they are finally out and BB has them first at an outrageously overprice of $299.99. Sh1t Heads.... :evil:
    If you can wait till other variants come out of the X1950 Pro. Hopefully a 512MB version hits the stores.....

    Link: VisionTek X1950 Pro @ BestBuy
  5. A 512 version at the retail store will only cost more...
  6. I just purchased and installed the Visiontek 1950pro XGE and it is just flippin awesome! Held out cause would not pay for the 7800GS; already had a BFG 6800 Ultra and there was just not enough of improvement with 7800. Am definately glad that I waited; can now begin searching for components for a X10 PCI machine and take it slow knowing that I have a good to better than good quality gaming life for the next 12 months or so till all the hype sorts out over newest technology. Buy the 1950, you will not regret it.

    Not sure of the protocol on these forums but I searched E-Bay last night and came up with 2 private sellers with excellent reps that had "buy now" pricing of $215.00 for the card. Check em out as that $299.00 price at Best Buy is a kick in the sack as Newegg and Zip do not have the product.
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