AGP card recommendation v. just got a Dell 2007FPW Monitor

Hello everyone,

I need a video card recommendation because of a recent monitor upgrade. I bought a Dell UltraSharp 2007FPW, which is a HUGE upgrade from the 17" CRT I was using previously.

My problem is I'm still running AGP, and will be for at least another 6-8 months until I can have enough extra cash to build a basic PCIe system. The video card I have now is an eVGA GeForce 6800 that performed pretty decent running at 1024X768, but that card will not be able to handle the new monitor that runs at 1680X1050.

Being a poor college student my budget cannot exceed $130, since I still need to eat and have gas in my car :lol: .

I have no preference to manufacturer or chipset. I just want a card that will be able to handle playing games like BF2142 at a decent resolution.

Thanks in advance everyone,
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  1. For that price the best you'll be able to do is a X1600 Pro 512, or a 7600GT. Christmas sales are your friend right now.
  2. Quote:
    For that price the best you'll be able to do is a X1600 Pro 512, or a 7600GT. Christmas sales are your friend right now.

    Thats why I waited until now to order my monitor. Dell is offering 10% off all Electronic accessories which meant I got my monitor for $380 shipped :D

    I went with the Dell because we have one where I work and I have personally put it through some tests and played BF2142 on it so I knew it was exactly what I wanted. It performed excellent from everything I saw, not to mention Ive seen over 20 of these with not a single dead pixel.

    I kinda went a little over budget on the monitor so now my video card is going to suffer :cry:

    Any recommendations of a good store for either of those cards (aside from newegg)?

  3. Tell me about the XFX 7600GS 256mb ... would it be much of an improvement over the card I already have? I found one for $120 and my biggest question is would it be powerful enough to run 1680X1050 without dropping to a horrible frame-rate?

    Ive been watching some X850 cards and some x800xl cards on ebay as per the suggestion in another thread. How do those cards stack up against a 7600GS and how well would they perform on my new monitor?
  4. I think that you're probably holding out for a while, either to get a PCI-E card or for prices to come down a bit more on cards like the 7600GT. You pay a premium for the AGP versions of those cards and the performance increase probably won't be enough to justify spending $130.

    If you're planning on sticking with AGP for a while, it might be worthwhile to get something like a 7800GS (possibly the fastest agp card) once they get closer to your price range...

    Also, try looking at if you want to get something before christmas. You can get $20 off if you use google checkout not to mention you'll probably get free shipping and not have to pay sales tax.
  5. Is your evga 6800 a "vanilla" 128MB, GS 256MB, or the Superclocked GS 256MB?
  6. I wouldn't even consider a 7600GS as an upgrade going from any evga 6800.
  7. Quote:
    Is your evga 6800 a "vanilla" 128MB, GS 256MB, or the Superclocked GS 256MB?

    Its a vanilla 128mb 6800

    These cards seem to be going for about 120-130 on ebay. How does it compare the card I have now?
  9. Can't you unlock the vanilla 6800 AGP cards? I unlocked my 6800GS AGP and I think they use the same core.

    Okay read this:

    That has to be worth a try before buying a new card. Personally I think you should consider a move to PCI-E there's not much room for improvement with AGP any more, or at least not at a competative price.

    Happy modding. :lol:
  10. In that case, an X800XL, or X850pro/XT would be an upgrade, but not a huge one. You're best bet would be to save up a bit, and make the switch to PCI-E.
  11. Yes, you can unlock these cards. One of the biggest reasons I picked that card was the ability to unlock the extra pixel pipelines and the extra vertex shader. I unlocked (and subsequently voided the warranty :roll: ) the day I got the card.

    I think my best option, by far, is to upgrade to PCIe. The only downside is that almost nothing I have in my computer right now will carry over, other than the HDD, DVD, and Soundcard. Just for reference, my PC now has the following specsCustom built water cooling system
    Socket 478 3.0E (OC'd to 3.99)
    2GB Corsair XMS Platinum
    Antec NeoPower PSU
    eVGA Geforce 6800
    SoundBlaster Audigy 2
  12. Here's some benchies of the plain jane 6800, and the X8XX series cards. The 7600GT isn't included, but is comparable to an X850XT.
  13. oops, nothing to see here... :roll:

    EDIT: double post
  14. I had an unlocked 6800 and it was much faster than the 7600GS that replaced it. Alas, the 6800 died and fried due to much overvolting and overclocking.

    I think that anything shy of a 7800GS or 1950Pro will be a letdown, from a performance perspective.

    If you get an X850Pro and unlock and overclock, you might get a boost over an unlocked 6800.

    My general rule of thumb for the 6 and 7 gen GPUs is that the card must have at least a 256-bit memory interface or else it is junk.

    BTW, I ran my Dell monitor 1680 x 1050 with the 6800 just fine.
  15. I have been doing a lot of research on the X850 Pro and it seems to be what I'm looking for. It runs pretty good in stock form, but if you get a card that can unlock the extra Pixel Pipelines than it is truly an awesome card.

    Most people are saying that CheifValue still has the older cards in stock that aren't laser-cut. Can anyone here substantiate that claim? Their price is right where I was hoping too, $135 shipped.

    Thanks guys, you have been more helpful than I could have hoped for!!!
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