Help me with my case selection!

Ok heres the deal. I just recently built a nice E6400 system, but I reused my old case to save a few bucks until I had the money available for my new case. Now that I'm ready to spend some money on the case I'm having trouble finding one that fits my needs. What I'm looking for is a full tower that's black or black/silver. I need at a minimum of 5 internal 3.5 slots. The real kicker is I don't want a front door. I've found many good cases but they all have a door! Unless someone can convince me otherwise I also want at least two 120 mm fans. One in front and one in back.

Not a requirement but a like would be a side fan or side vent/channel for my aftermarket CPU cooler.

I really like the Lian-Li cases but I don't like the CPU cooling vent that seems to be in all there cases. I'm willing to spend about $200.00 for a case if it's what I like.

So my question is what cases would you guys recommend?

My old case is a Thermal take sonata II (great case, but has a front door and one of my five hard drives cannot be secured because I have to move it forward to fit my video card).

I plan on using my Sonata II with my old hardware (so it's not lying around useless).

Thanks for your help!!
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  1. Antec Nine-Hundred. 6 Internal 3.5" slots, 3 External 3.5" slots. 3 120mm fans (2 front intake, one rear exhaust), 1 200 mm top exhaust fan, and 1 120mm side intake (not included). Also no front door, it is black, and made of sturdy steel.

    That's my suggestion at least.
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