Too hot? E6600 w/ P5B-E & Big Typhoon

I'm OCed to ~3ghz with an E6600 on a P5B-E using a Thermaltake Big Typhoon for cooling. Right now, under idle, I think my temps are too high. Speedfan says CPU is 51C, and Core Temp says Tjunction 85C, Core #0 39C and Core #1 36C.

This is under idle this too high?

I haven't been testing under load yet, because I don't want to fry stuff...heh
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  1. thats not too hot, but its also not that cold for that cooler, I have my e6600 oc'd to 3.0 on STOCK cooling and mine idles @ 36 and 37 in TAT, same in coretemp.. speedfan reports 10 degrees cooler, unlike your results which is 10 degrees hotter... I would highly recommend you download intel TAT (thermal analysis tool) to monitor your temp.. (you can also crank up both cpu's to 100% and see where they go.. mine goes up to 54C on 100% load over both cpu's)

    what is your voltage set to?
  2. At 3Ghz 51c idle is not that hot. Replace the fan with a better one like the Silverstone FM121. Works well with my BigTyphoon on Pentium D 840.
  3. Vcore is set to 1.4v

    Bus is 333
  4. Running TAT with CPUs at 100% I get 59/58 core temps for one and two on TAT, 60/59 for core temps on Core Temp, and 69 on Speedfan.

    This is under full 100% load. Is that alright?

    Idle has them back down to 44/42 on TAT.
  5. Everything is perfectly fine. Dont trust Speedfan as its temps are higher than what it should be.
    Tjunction in CoreTemp is the temp you should never reach at load.
  6. As long as the temps are under 65C (I know Dario will rant and rave about it being 75C, but fock him) you should be alright.
  7. Ninja has never taken his Vcore above 1.45v, but youve got bigger ballz than that.
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  9. I'd agree with keeping temps under 65... don't want to take the chance of the HSF failing on me... even though there's throttling, still don't want to run the risk, shrug.
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  20. Since ya'll were talking about temps...

    I have a slightly upgraded hsf that i got from Comp World ( has heat pipes) the stock hsf and this slightly upgraded still gives me idle temps of 42/43 to 46/48 (core temp program). Is it the heat in my house? I see posts of MUCH lower temps at idle with stock coolers.

    6300 @ 2.3ghz
    2gig OCZ gold ddr2800
    2x 34 gig raptor ( non raided )
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  33. You need to reseat the big typhoon.

    I get ~10C cooler temps using a hsf that is not near as good as the one you have.

    Artic silver has a vid on how to apply the thermal compound for conroe, different from the past.

    Your temps are ok, but could/should be better with that monster of a cooler.

    Plenty of in the front, out the rear air flow in the case?
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