Your popup adds are most annoying

Your popup adds are most annoying. It makes the web site unusable. This is bad. Too bad because this used to be a good site.
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  1. Recommend running FireFox or Chrome with ADBlocker Plus and those annoying adds don't popup anymore :)
  2. ...or you could just fix them!!!
  3. Remember, this is a free site, and revenue has to be generated somehow.
  4. ^ Yes, but the advertising on this website is getting rather annoying and out of hand. This probably has to be THE worst site in terms of ad infestation (for a tech website that is). There is NO WAY I can view this website with IE at school.

    Ever since BoM bought this site, I guess they care only about the $$$.
  5. I agree with Shadow. There are tons of sites out there that are free that don't have these annoying full screen adds every single time you go back to the homepage from reading an article or even going to the article. In fact this is the only site that does this that i've seen. I understand that you need to generate revenue through advertising but there are much smarter ways to go about it that don't turn off your readers. I could deal with the full screen ads maybe the first time i visit the site but not every single time i go back to the homepage from reading an article. It's just too much.
  6. agreed, the ads on this site just went from annoying to off the charts with that new full screen pop-up ad every time you go to the homepage or click an article.


    I always check AnandTech and Tom's each morning. I am ditching Tom's now. Maybe I'll check back in a few weeks and see if they came to their senses and removed that full screen garbage

    Those ad keywords are bad enough.
  7. Are there any in particular you find overly invasive? The GE Mood lighting and Glee ones recently were malfunctioning, but have or will be remedied.
  8. ^ The thing is those problems should have NEVER happened in the first place. Are the devs running this site simply incompetent or is the advertising software they use just pure fail?
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