Need some help on a PC build


Been out of the game for a while (3years) - so I'm a bit behind on all the mother boards, PSU and video cards.

I need to build 2 pcs - one for me and one for my partner so don't have a hefty budget. We have CRTs.

I was thinking of the following

Cpu : Pentium D805 or D820 - not the greatest I know, but they are affordable...
Dvd : LG GSA-H22N
HDD: Seagate Barracude 7200.10 320GB
Memory: Kingston DDR2 1 GB
Case: Apevia Black/Black X-Plorer
Sound card: Creative X Fi extremegamer or can I get away with a Audigy?

Video card: definitely a GeForce 7600 GT - but this is where it gets confusing - which is the best one out there? EVGA, XFX or BFG? Then there are those that are GTS and some with extension KO?? I know the ASUS was not rated highly....

Motherboard - Oh boy..... 8O I need one that will allow us to upgrade to Core 2 Duo, but don't want to pay a fortune. The ASUS P5NSLI looked quite interesting...

PSU - best bang for my buck - reliable, at least 500W.....

If funds allow, a second DVD/CD burner like the LG GCC-4522B....

Any suggestions are most welcome....

Thanks :D
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  1. Actually either go with an amd or a c2d. THere is no point in the world of going for a pentiumD. Either spend a bit more and get the E6300 or you can get a decent amd cpu for $80.

    Do you plan on making both pcs the same from that list. If you want to save money then theres no point in the sound card but maybe you plan on listening to alot of music so you need to elaborate.

    For a cheap motherboard get the gigabyte s3 or you might wanna look at the abit AB9.

    For the gfx card they are all more or less the same. Just get he cheapest.

    For the PSU just get a good brand, you might not need 500W perhaps around 400W, choose silverstone or thermaltake or antec. there are others ive just listed a few. DONT cheap out on the PSU though and get one of those insanely cheapy ones!!
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