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alright so there's BFG tech (which I've always bought), xfx, evga etc.. is there really a difference between them besides what comes in the box (ie game with card). any info would be great thanks fellas
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  1. For the 8800GTX every card has the same specs it just the packaging, deals, and Freebies that come with the card.

    XFX gives a headset if you buy 8800GTX
    PNY gives nothing
    BFG gives nothing
    EVGA gives dark messiah
    ASUS gives Ghost Recon 3 for PC

    other than that its just reliability's and customer service.
  2. I haven't seen any factory overclocked cards yet, so they will all perform same. All are equally reliable also.

    Look at price, warranty, and what's in the box.
  3. XFX offers a double lifetime warranty, meaning whoever you sell or give the card to also has a lifetime warranty. This is the only company to do this and is extremely valuable when reselling the card on eBay. If you're anything like me, you upgrade and then sell old parts on eBay.

    IMO, that's a priceless value.
  4. Thanks Mpjesse I could not have put it better myself.

    XFX Support
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