What is a good/cheap card for AGP?

I have about $175 +/- and the RMA ppl gave me a headache since I had to explain how my x1600 PRO 256 MB stopped working, I basically gave up on them... and now I need a new card, I want something better than my X1600PRO; http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814102666

I am aiming for Nvidia but I am not sure on what to get...

I'm wondering if there is a 6600GT with 256 mb memory instead of 128 but whatever...

Geforce 7600 GT
Codename: G73, 90 nanometer technology
12 PixelShaders, 5 VertexShaders, 12 TextureUnits, 8 RasterOperatorUnits
128-bit memory bus
560 Mhz core, 700 Mhz DDR (1400 Mhz Effective) Memory

The 7600 GT is an amazing card in this price range, sporting new SM 3.0 technology and very high clock speeds to deliver excellent performance. Its weakest feature is its 128-bit memory bus, but its high memory speeds offset that disadvantage and make it competitive with 256-bit cards like the X800 XT/X850 XT and even the 7800 GS.

The worst thing we can say about the 7600 GT AGP is that the upcoming X1950 PRO shouldn't cost much more, but will outperform its predecessor easily.

seems good, but I am aiming for something under $150, cause I have no income for the time being T__T, I am thinking of a 7300 GT or 7600 GS, but I am not really good at this...

well, can anyone tell me if nvidia or xfx have decent customer support if... say the russians bomb my card with sputnik

430W PSU
AMD Athlon 64x 3200+ 2.0 ghz
1 GB ram
***NOT A JOKE***>>> Nvidia 5200FX 128 MB <<< :(

I think the most graphic intensive game i play is oblivion and my 5200 fx im using right now limits me to browsing the web since i think it barely supports my resolution
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  1. Batter than x1600 256?Mabe the x19050pro AGP is your best chose.About $199?
  2. Here is a good one.


    Its an AGP version of the 7300GT going for 112$ but comes with a 30$ mail so really its like 80$. Cheap, Fast,(faster then the X1600PRO you had I'm sure) and its an XFX which gives you a lifetime warranty once you register with them. I currently have an OC XFX version of the 7900GT and ZERO problems even when i OC myself to 590/1770, and I've had this card for 6 months now being OCing for 1 month.

    Another suggestion would be the 6800XT for 130$ with a 20$ mail in so 109$


    Probably going get flamed for posting that card....
  3. Your best bet would be a 7600GT, or an X850pro.


    The X850pro for $139 is currently out of stock, but that would've been the best bang for the AGP buck in your price range.

    It's best to stay away from all 6800XTs. Some of them can be OK, but the majority of them are crippled pieces of sh*t.

    The only 7300GT series card worth buying would be the ones with GDDR3. On top of the faster memory, their core speeds are faster than the 7300GTs with GDDR2.

    The 7600GS would be about the same, or a little bit better than the X1600pro. The X1650pro (+-$130) at stock would be better than the 7600GS.

    The X800GTO is also a good option at around $130. That would be my choice if you can't get the X850pro or 7600GT.
  4. umm.. okay thanks i think ill go for the 7600gt then,just gota find some money since theres nothing laying around the house :?

    is there an agp version of the 7800gt? what ever dont answer that i guess ill find out

    thanks for the help
  5. Yes there is its called the 7800GS AGP it has 16 pipelines and low clockspeeds compared to the other 7800's Going now for 200+ best AGP card out there right next to the X1950PRO

    7800GS AGP
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