HDs not showing up in AWARD bios, and new WIN XP install

TITLE: AWARD 6 BIOS/Fasttrak100 "Lite" BIOS/Installing WIN XP help!?

I'm having trouble trying to get my "new" system running.

I bought it from a friend for very cheap.

I have two ~36GB HDs.

When I boot up it shows the AWARD BIOS, but neither HD is detected, and it shows the CD-rom as the primary master.

Then after that, the screen blacks, then comes to the Fasttrak100 "Lite" BIOS. Ctrl+F to menu screen. Everything seems functional. But I could be wrong. I pressed 1 to automatically set it up, and chose "desktop". and the other default, which I forget right now. EDIT: "performance".

Since these HDs are wiped, I'm trying to install WIN XP. When it boots to the CD-rom, and loads the drivers, and after I accept the EULA, it is supposed to show my hard drives and partitions, and which one I want to use, but it shows that there are none. Then a few seconds later, I get a blue screen of death.

Do I need to flash the BIOS? Anyone have any idea what to do?

Thanks for your help, I eagerly await your replies.
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  1. Well...I'm not sure, but if they are going to be on a raid array, doesn't that make them like...one device? So, wouldn't I want the jumpers to be on the same pins?

    When I first got the computer, it was still running xp. It was just kinda messed up, so I know it's not completely broken. I'm just missing something.

    Right now, I'm going to try the WINXP CD again, and do the F6 route. Hopefully I will be able to point to the CD-rom drive for the raid drivers, my computer doesn't have a floppy disk drive on it. Well, at least not the laptop I'm downloading the drivers from. I am going to burn them onto a CD and try that way. Will post results.
  2. Alright, since it is apparent, the only way to do the F6 route is with a floppy disk, I will have to try your approach.

    Now, how do I put the pins so that one is master and one is slave? Does it matter which cables are connected to which HDs?
  3. As they are now, they are both attached to their own cables.

    WINXP was working this way before...

    But I will still try it. Thanks for the input. I will tell you what happens.
  4. I have no idea.

    How do I figure that out?
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