Antec Psu

I going to be getting a
Asus P5B DX
Corsair TWIN2X2048-5400C4 2GB DDR2-675 XMS2-5400 Xtreme
Something along the lines of a EVGA 7950 KO superclock or someting like that
W.D 500G H.D

My question is will the 450W PSU from the antec sonata 2 get the job done,i been reading around and not many people are crazy with antec`s of late,im not looking for the long haul BTW just till spring when i install vista & DX10 card!Or could you guys point me in the direction of a good, quiet,cool case with PSU for no more than $150 that might be a better option,Also im not planning on doing and Oc`ing but i might play around a bit,how whould that change things with the sonata!

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  1. From what I understand, the problem with the SP series is some have bad caps. (aside from the lower Watts and amps...) This problem doesn't happen with the TP and Neo series. I also agree that you need something a little more for the overclocked 7950 series. A 600W TP/Neo should be fine.
  2. So how is this case


    along with this PSU

    Im sure the PSU is fine from what you guys said but how about those cases?
    No more than $75 or close to it,

  3. Yea i guess so,i only ask because since i cant see it up close and touch it knowing how much room is inside etc,they could be on the HELL NO dont get that case list,lol

  4. the Antec SP series isnt as good as the TP or NeoHE series.

    however i know alot of ppl with the Sonata2+450W SP2 psu using 7900 or x1900 series cards with no problems at all.
  5. get an Enermax :p
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