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I was wonderning,i used to capture my old tapes with Sound blaster 5.1 Platinum(which i dont have anymore)i came in the front with the RCA jacks,
Now i need to start doing the samething again but i really cant get a Platinum card,if i come in the back(RCA to 1/4 inch) will my right & left channel merge or be seperate? am i explaining it right?What card would be good, and i need it to have "what you hear" option,for streaming audio!!

Thanks a lot
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  1. That is the coolest thing,where does it plug into?
    If i did not want to grab streaming audio i would get that in a sec!!
  2. HHHmm i wonder if i sent my audio out of the "onboard audio" to the "line in" from that players "input", turned on sound forge or wavelab would it pick up the audio??

    I still think an audio card with "what you hear" is needed or maybe not,wish i had thoses programs with me here so i could check if it will accept "line in" as a option to capture audio!

    Thanks again man the coolest thing i seen!!!
  3. thats whats up! damm your all over this place like me tonight..

  4. hmm i not promoting piracy or anything but what are the laws about downloading the respective Mp3 off a file sharing service considering that you already own the version on tape? m sure that this would be a grey area does anyone have an opinion on this

    regarding your question simple headphones to line-in would work fine
  5. if that is the case then ignore my post as i would never promote piracy.
    however whilst the Music industry would see it as piracy and would attempt to fine you if you were caught i think that it would be a legal grey area.

    however with your original problem the advice given would work however you will notice a large drop in sound quality but you wont know how much you'll notice this until you try it
  6. yeah totally agree with both points

    Just buy the songs converting isnt worth it
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