How can I update the Dell Bios!

Hey guys, I have a 435mt mobo in a custom rig. Anyway, my problem is that I need to update the bios. I download the executable to "flash" update my bios from but it crashes. Does somebody know what I can do?
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  1. Dell bios's are pretty specific to the hardware and lock down a lot of settings. If you have the old service tag number from the system, use that on their support site to correctly identify the bios you need. You may also want to try updating with minimal hardware installed, disk drive, cpu, and memory (assuming onboard video).
  2. Honestly, if you moved a old Dell mobo to new custom built machine and everything is working... I wouldn't even try to update BIOS.
  3. The fan curves are insufficient I need the update. I don't have onboard video . . . and the list of hardware you provides is everything . . .
  4. your best bet is the bootable image downloadable on the site. It has a flashing utility. Running the windows version may check for additional components because the motherboard was never intended to be a component for any other hardware but that specific server. Potetially the newer BIOS could break something else as well.
  5. You lost me... "The fan curves are insufficient"?? Are you having a cooling issue? I don't think a bios update will help that.
    What version of the bios is it on now? 1.1.X ?? The current version is 1.1.4 released 12/27/2009.

    Is this 1.1.4 version the one you are trying to flash to? How are you running the executable? from Windows? In the past if I've had issues with Dell Bios updates, I have a USB Dos Boot disk I created on a 1GB Flash drive. I store my Dell Bios.exe's inside a Dell folder. Change Bios boot order so USB boots first and then when I'm at the dos prompt, I change directory to \Dell and then type the EXE name in and run it that way.
  6. Thanks for the responses. I'll try the bootable USB. My problem has evolved. My CPU temp reads 56C but the core temps say 100C and my computer shuts off. Hopefully the Bios update can solve something . . . I've got nothing to lose, as long as the bios update won't my graphics card. I have an i7 920 btw. I have replaced the heatsink, reseated the core, cleaned/reapplied thermal paste. WTF -_-! And yes, I am trying to update to version you mentioned.
  7. Sounds more like you have an airflow problem than a bios problem. Flashing the bios MIGHT recalibrate the temp sensors to give more accurate readings, but it won't magically drop them from around 100C.

    When you applied the thermal paste, how much did you use? Did you apply it to the CPU surface, or to the heatsink surface? Is the heatsink secured properly and thus making proper contact with the CPU (you can tell if you pull the heatsink off and check to see if the layer of thermal paste has been disturbed from when you apply it). Perhaps pull it up and take a picture of the heatsink and CPU?
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