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Is my PC killing hard drives?

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November 28, 2006 7:57:20 AM

Hi All

Not sure if this is the right section to post this but here we go:-

My PC recently started crashing after 10 mins of running time and when rebooted displayed this message:

disk boot failure insert system disk and press enter

This cycle continued until it eventaully died and then only displayed that message on bootup.

I thought this was the hard drive, so I bought a new one (another SATA 250GB). Now, im not sure if I have been sold a duff hard drive but I now cant get any operating system to install on either of the hard disks, which is making me wonder if its the hard drive at all.

On my old hard drive, I have used DOS to deleted the old partition, created a new one and formatted the drive sucessfully which is now making me think that the hard drive is OK afterall. Ive tried using the restore CD which came with the computer and that just freezes when it tries to write anything to the disk. Ive also tried installing Linux on the hard drive and that complains that it cant find the partition or that the partition is corrupt.

On the new hard drive, I think this was DOA. The PC sees it in BIOS but thats it, I tried formatting the drive through DOS and it complained all the way through and struggled to create the partitions. However, when I plugged this new drive into my friends PC as a seconadary drive, it detected it, formatted the drive although reading and writing from the disk is unbareably slow! I worried that if I now try and return this disk, they wont take it back as its kind of working.

Does anyone have any suggestions as I really dont know what else to try. Could this be a problem with the motherboard?

Is my PC destroying hard drives? What else could this be? Am I doing something completely wrong?

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November 28, 2006 9:52:30 AM

I've heard of bad power supplies killing drives. Also I have personal experience with a bad motherboard that corrupted data on my hard drives every once in a while causing OSes to not boot, as well as occasional data loss and missing partitions.