problem with SATA/IDE

i aint very good with computer hardware but i have a problem that i just have no idea what to do first of all i have a KSV SE deluxe ASUS mobo
i have 2 SATA hardrives 250gig which contains my operating system aand a 80 gig hardrive which just for pictures,games etc but i decided to get a IDE hardrive and i got told to connect to IDE primary socket which i did but my computer woudnt boot up it kept going in like a cycle then rebooted it and nothing even boots up my mobo seems to be just scanning for IDE drive even when i dissconnected the IDE drive its like its just forgot about my 2 SATA hardrives i go into BIOS an try to set 1st boot device as SATA but i cant because its not there :cry:

basically ts just tryin to locate IDE just not interested in my SATA drives
an now i cant even boot up my comp :(

any advice?
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  1. Try get the bios detect all your hard drives first before you setup a primary boot drive.
    If it does not detect one of the hardware, Remove the other drives except the OS drive and let it boot-up normally, then Install the drives one by one as you do this step on each drive added.

    If it does not detect your main drive (OS drive) trying reseting the bios make sure to remember the bios setup properties. Removing the backup battery from the board and unplugging it would reset the board. or use the reset jumper.

    Make sure that the bios will recognize all your drive before letting the OS run.

    If bios detect all your HD and the OS load-up but can not find your Hard Drive in OS system window, you might need to install a driver. Windows XP with SP2 should have it all ready.

    Hope this help. Good Luck.
  2. Quote:
    i decided to get a IDE hardrive and i got told to connect to IDE primary socket which i did but my computer woudnt boot up

    If I understood you correctly, you have completely disconnected the PATA/IDE drive now and things still won't work? Strange and unexpected. :?

    Resetting your CMOS seems like the best first thing to try. If your first attempt at clearing the CMOS doesn't work, try taking out the motherboard's battery and leaving it out for 6-8 hours. Overnight or all day while you're at work for example.

    It might also help to have some idea of just what's in your system. Could you post a list of your components (including brand names and model numbers if you can)?

    -john, the redundant legacy dinosaur
  3. This probably won't help but it's worth mentioning, on one of my older computers my SATA drive is listed as a SCSI device under the BIOS boot priority menu.
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