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I just built my system when I started up the bastard, a minor but very annoying knocking noise occurs. The sound is repetitive and I know it's not a wire hitting a fan. When I turn off the system the noise continues for a few seconds, when the hard drive revs down. I don't know what to do, the drive seems to work fine, although a bit loud at times, when loading programs. I don't want to start loading programs onto the disk and then have it fail. Any suggests to the noise and how to stop it. If worst comes to worst I'll just RMA it back to Newegg.
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  1. test your drive with the tools from maxtor or WD, or toshiba, whatever suits your drive,
    if you are sure, that this coming from the drive, and you verify that it ain't a normal sound, RMA it!
    you can't afford it to put some data on it and lose it after a week!
  2. Do a SMART test on it also. Use Speedfan or Hitachi hard drive fitness test. It only takes a minute. If it fails the SMART test RMA the drive after backing up everything you can. If it fails a SMART test it means it can go bad at any time.
  3. What make and model of drive? I had a Western Digital 250GB SATA drive that was making what I would describe as a knocking sound (kind of like "thump thump ...... thump thump ...... thump thump"). I could not get WinXP to boot from the drive, and started getting write errors when I tried using it as a secondary drive. Finally got the WD diagnositic program and the drive failed, so I RMA'd it back to newegg.
  4. N82E16822144416 HD 200G|WD 7K 8M SATA2 WD2000JS %
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