Troubleshooting Advice - no display on new build

I'm rebuilding my computer with a new mobo/processor/graphics card, and the display isn't coming up when trying to load the BIOS:

Asus P5NSLI Motherboard
Intel E6400 Dual Core (*edited*)
EVGA 7950 GT KO Graphics Card
2G DDR2 667MHz (dual channel slots)

This motherboard doesn't have any internal graphics capability, so it needs to display off the video card. The instructions in installing the video card, however, assume you have a working Windows install and that you install the drivers via Windows. This is my first PCI-express videocard, so I'm not familiar with how well it plays in general with BIOS support.

I'm using the converters that came with the video card to run the regular pinned connector from the monitor into one of the digital connectors on the card. The first time I turn the computer on, it _sounds_ fine, but there's no display, and the monitor doesn't behave as if it's getting any signal. If I power the computer down and restart the computer, I get a system-beep-alarm that is a continuous series of long beeps. Then if I reset the CMOS, I have one power-up that sounds normal, then the same behavior after power-cycle.

I gave up at 2am so I could sleep before work, and I'll take any advice to heart before dealing with it again tonight. I disconnected everything from the system besides monitor, keyboard, and mouse, just to make sure that it wasn't the drives or accessories. My only next step I have in mind is to try running the RAM single-channel, but that's a stab in the dark.

Please make any suggestions!

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  1. Remove the video card and reinsert it. Also clear the Bios, which may be messed up.
  2. Quote:
    continuous series of long beeps

    Need to find out what the beep codes are for your MB. That "should" give you the answer you're looking for.
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