still waiting for the oled keyboard

Already announced 2 years ago, i'm still stuck with my old logitec,
does anybody knows wen the oled keyboard will be on the market!
according to the site: end 2006? they have to be extremly fast to get that deadline!

sidequestion: how much are you willing to pay for such a keyboard?
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  1. Pretty sweet, but probably out of most peoples price range for a keyboard. Google around to see if they are still in business. It will still be just a standard keyboard unless the vendor puts a big effort into providing the plug ins for Vista, app's, and games that keep coming out. Or it will be like the G15 keyboard and we'll have to wait a year until somebody happens to make the little plug in for the application that you need. Great idea though, if they can solve that problem and keep the price under $100.

    it looks like it going to be serious!
    ordering starts at 12/21/2006
    software doesn't sems to be the problem.
    i like exotic computer stuff
  3. Okay, so it's $1,200! Start saving now. Here's the latest link:
  4. Quote:
    Okay, so it's $1,200! Start saving now. Here's the latest link:


    And i wanted one too :-(
  5. well, toms says its $1200 and it's black and white! kinda ruins it...a lot.

  6. Quote:
    Lebedev wrote that the keyboard should cost less than a "good mobile phone"

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