Question for Intel Quad CPU owners and gaming

Fellow enthusiasts -

what has been your experience with the Quad core CPU form Intel and Gaming - are there any issues with gaming?

For those who have them - please post what games you play with no issues - I'd like to know - I'm considering getting one - but I don't want to get one if it isn't stable for gaming.

Many thanks in your help on this!

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  1. Truth is, I'd be surprised to learn if anyone actually has any real world first hand experiences to share, yet...considering it was recently released and the $1000+ USD price tag...I'd love to see some benchies and screen shots...sorry if this post wasn't very constructive.
  2. I've got one but I haven't had that much time to test.
    Went from a X6800 to a QX6700

    Also I went from a 7800GT to a 8800GTX at the same time.

    So performance increases were pretty much impossible without hours and hours of free time ;P

    Anyway, there's pretty much nothing out there to use all four cores, there will be, but not now.

    No Issues so far however.
    If there is i'll be sure to post here.
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