PC wont boot after restart but boot normaly if i choose shut down

Hello, i have two HP computers (DC7600c and DC7700c). I did a fresh install of Win 7 ultimate and when i click to restart computer from Win, PC wont start windows. But if i do cold start or chose shut down from Win then boots normal. :o

Any idea?
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  1. I have the same problem!

    I was about to post and I saw this.

    I updeated win 7 64, on june 15th, like any other time. The update was beefy as many updates seamed to accumulate to 100+mb upgrade.

    After I reset the computer, windows logo freezes and so does the computer. At random, and I mean random attempts, it will log on again, but will log fine if I chose shut down, instead of reset. Reset is sure way to freeze my computer.

    It took me ages to figure the above. I have dual boot win 7 64/xp 64. After updating 7, I couldnt log to xp as well. Only safe mode, and only randomly at that.

    I used easy bcd to remove win xp from booting options. I'm too afraid to reset/shut down computer now, as it works flawlessly as long as I stay logged on.

    I was waiting for another update to fix this, but I decided to post my problem in hope someone might have an actual solution- not a guess like mine.

    I spent hours yesterday trying to log in hopelessly. I finally gave up at 3 am, and win 7 booted fine this morning.

    I have custom built comp from 2008. It worked flawlessly since i updated from vista to 7 about 2009. I have asus p5q (no extra letters) motherboard, intel core 2 quad @ 2.4ghz OC to 3ghz (10+ hours stable on p95) and worked fine until the mentioned update. gtx 460 gpu, 4gb ddr2 800 ram. I hope I didnt miss anything else relevant.
  2. EODEO you need to open a new post since they sound like two different issues.

    if you like to keep an eye on a post click the little hart with the plus sign next to your profile on top.
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