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I've narrowed down the selections on the new system I'm building but I'm having trouble finding a reason to pick one or the other. I'm looking at the X1950 XTX and 8800 GTS (single cards only, not SLI or CF). I was looking at the 7950 GX2 but it seems like the other two cards are better (correct me if I'm wrong). I'm leaning towards the 8800 GTS only because it's DX10 capable but I don't want to sacrifice performance or stability jumping to DX10 to soon.

Any opinions would be appricated!

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  1. If you can go for the 8800GTS, do it. Better card. You won't regret it.
  2. Yeah, I agree. If you have the $450-500, the 8800GTS is the way to go.
  3. Great! Thanks for the help guys. Are there any brands of the 8800 GTS that stick out as being the leaders right now? Since it's so new I'm not finding much in the area of reviews for the different brands.

    Also, I'm a little concerned with the heat for the 8800 GTS. I'm used to running older video cards so when I see numbers like 70-75 C they start to make me worry. Are those normal operating temperatures for video cards these days? What is too hot?

    Thanks again for the help!
  4. I would love to know how you can compare these two cards, because I am at a loss.

    I have always bought and trusted ASUS...tha said, I recently purchased a BFG 7900GT OC, and am happy so far...Oblivion runs beautifully at everything on AA or AF though...

    Off topic I know... ANYWAY, ASUS ASUS ASUS if you can afford,
    BFG is great if you cannot.

    My two cents,
  5. Remember that eVGA lets you freely overclock and replace the heatsink without voiding your warranty as long as there is no physical damage done to the card when you try to RMA or take advantage of their Step Up program - which allows you, within 90 days of the purchase, trade it in for a better card and only pay the difference.

    I just purchased an eVGA 7900GS last night and am expecting it tomorrow, or Thursday at the latest.
  6. eVGA is the way to go.

    Lifetime warranty, plus a stepup program, so if you want to move to the GTX in 90 days, they give you your full purchase price back toward the new card.

    Is that great or what?

    The eVGA also scored highest on the recent shootout of GTX's , which should bode well for the GTS's. Also comes with a full copy of Heroes of might and magic, so if you do not play is worth $35 on ebay......

    I have their 8800 GTX, and had a 7900 GTO and was well pleased. Prior to my x1900xtx I had a 7800 GT from them, never a problem!

    My GTX is quiet as a church mouse, and runs cooler than my old x1900xtx.
  7. You can't go wrong with the 8800 GTS or GTX. These beasts cannot be tamed.

    I own the GTX and it kicks the transistors out of my ol' Evga 7900 GTX.

    Oh yeah... the Might And Magic game included with Evga cards totally powns. I finished it then broke down and bought Oblivion. You want a card for Oblivion you want a G80 fo sho! Oblivion rox!
  8. Great thanks for all the help! So far it seems like EVGA is the way to go then. Anyone else have any experience with 8800 GTS brands?

    Also, is there an easy way to verify the card will fit into the case? I'm purchasing the case, motherboard, and video card all at once and don't want any surprises down the road since I hear this card is HUGE. The case is a LIAN LI PC-60APLUSII W ATX from The motherboard I'm still researching to see which would be the best fit but I'm guessing the restrictions would be more on the case then the motherboard.

    Thanks again for the help!
  9. I have an XTX, I love it.
    I also got it a while before the 8800GTS, and, if I had a time machine I probably would still got the x1950xtx but that's because... I didn't pay $450, the then asking price for the XTX, I only paid $300 through a convoluted story I won't go into.
    Anyway, the price difference now, even after rebates is what, $60... maybe?
    It's worth the $60 more for the GTS.
    And EVGA is a quality brand w/ lifetime warranty with a good track record.
    Just be sure you have a quality PSU.
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