Tracking a stolen laptop with windows 7

how do track a stolen laptop with windows 7
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  1. Contact Sherlock Holme.

    Just kidding. Do you know if your laptop have any anti-thef feature in it?
    If not, then the only thing you can do is to contact the police and report it stolen. Provide the laptop serial number if you know it, that way pawner will know. But your chance of recovery is low. You report to police is really to stop identity thief. Also, change password of email, bank, online game account etc. But don't give up hope. I know because I lost mine before as well but the cleaner at the shopping mall returned it to the local police station.
  2. Im sorry for your loss and that there are people who will steam everything.

    But they way to reduce your thefts is to lock the thing down. Use a BIOS pw, disk PW and Win PW. You will still be out a laptop but they wont be using it without a lot of work...

    I know everything can be cracked but your avg theif is braindead
  3. Bios password, windows password, and truecrypt the drive. Better yet, require the bios password to boot the pc. That'll make it useless.
  4. Hi everyone,

    The only secure way to protect a laptop is to run the bitlocker service in Win-7, which keeps the drive encrypted without your psd. Most all other "higher" levels of security can be broken by simply taking the hard drive out of the laptop, or given enough time to crack a password.

    Look at all the govt accounts and bank information that has been lifted by just removing an employee's laptop from their car!

    The TMP chip built into some laptops is a good start but, you'd think a simple GPS system, like in many cars, and iPhones, could be built in to track em down. I agree with Pyree, a police report is a good baseline, should credit items or ID theft become an issue.
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