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I noticed recently that my CPU was getting hot pretty often. Since i only have one case fan, i decided that my case was too hot, making my CPU hotter aswell. So i then decided to leave my case open for a while and wait for all the temperatures to drop..
With the case closed and my CPU stock fan doing 4000 RPM i usually got around 65c. With the case opened and my CPU stock fan doing 2600 RPM i got around the same or lower. I was happy with the results, but then i noticed something wierd..
With the case opened the fan never went above 2600 RPM.. not even when the temperature got to over 75c. It was as if it had it so good for a little while that it lost it's instict to raise the speed when temperatures got higher.
So i then thought that maybe if i close the case back up, the fan would have to fight to keep the CPU alive, and it would finally get out of it's new comfertable lifestyle. Unfourtunely that didnt happen. Having closed the case the fan only raises itself to 3000 RPM max once every week and temperatures are even worse.

Well, thats my sad story..
I dont know why my fan is acting like pampered pet, but is there a way to increase the fan speed? I cant think of any program that lets u control fan speed.

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  1. Depending on your motherboard you may have access to a fan speed control in the BIOS similar to the Q-fan feature found in the ASUS BIOS,
    If you exhaust all your resources with no luck then i suppose a separate fan controller may be needed.
    Just remember that small fans make more noise doing the same amount of work as a larger fan so you may want to consider a aftermarket CPU cooler with a larger fan than the stock unit.
  2. Quote:

    Just remember that small fans make more noise doing the same amount of work as a larger fan.

    But bigger fans make more noise per RPM, so in the end the noise is the same.

    I do have an ASUS motherboard, but i dont know abt the Q-fan feature. I have not had any luck changing my fan speed in the BIOS.
  3. This is an awesome program.


    If your MOBO is on the program then you can turn up the speed of your fan. becareful though if you go to fast youll burn out the fan engine and/or have it break to pieces inside the computer but i dont think that happends very often.
  4. Not Necessarily, larger and slower fans tend to make less noise while pushing the same amount of air but most larger fans are better quality so that might be it, also the pitch of the noise from the larger fan is lower so it's less noticeable.
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