New Gaming Rig - Cooling?

I need some good ideas for cooling ideas for my new system im building. My room is actually pretty warm most of the year so this is kind of a big problem for me.

I want to have a good solution for keeping my computer cool (i might do some minor OCing but not sure yet) and yet not sound like a jet engine at the same time. So I need a good Processor heatsinc/fan and any other ideas that you guys have for keeping it cool and quite without breaking the bank anymore than i have to. Budget is getting pretty low with all these parts :(

Here are my current specs:

QX6700 Quad Core
eVGA 680i SLI mobo
eVGA 8800 GTX in SLI x2
Corsair Dominator PC8888 2 gigs (with twirly airflow thingy)
Enermax Galaxy PSU 1kw
X-Fi Fatality Sound
WD 74Gig raptor 10krpm drive x2 (raid 0, or 1)
Seagate SATA 500g 7.2krpm HDD
DVD Drive
DVD Burner (haven't picked out yet)

Also for cooling which cases would everyone recommend for fitting all this stuff and staying cool and quite. Possibly any ideas as far as cost for a watercooling solution would be great too for anybody who has gone that route with a similar system.

Also its been a while since I have built a system, what is the best HSF paste? Also any ideas as far as sound dampeners for cases?

Thanks ahead of time! :)
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  1. I'm a noob in terms of cooling, but I'd suggest a case like this one :

    As for watercooling - everybody keeps saying one should build his own system, but if I'd dare use water at all (hate the idea of water in my electronics), I'd probably go for some kit solution. Possibly something like
  2. With all the money you're spending, another 100-200 bucks on a decent cooling system would be nothing, but then again, people argue about 31k price tags on their cars just to bring it down to 30.5k (me...)

    Best solution I can think of, the H20-220 Apex from Swiftech is a nice all in one watercooling solution, will probably only set you back 250 bucks, but it's worth it if you have the money.

    Otherwise, sticking to a regular HSF, the best thing out there is the TItan Amanda, a 1kg hunk of metal and fans with a peltier cooler, costs around 70-100 bucks, and as well as entry level water-coolign solution.

    The absolute least I'd recommend is a Scythe Ninja or Infinity, Tuniq Tower, or Thermalright XP-120.
  3. Quote:
    The absolute least I'd recommend is a Scythe Ninja or Infinity, Tuniq Tower, or Thermalright XP-120.

    lol you're funny. I have by far not tried all coolers around, but almost everybody with kickass hardware is recommending one or the other of those 150-160mm towers/blocks. The only downside I've heard of so far, apart from fitting it in one of the slim miditowers, is the weight.

    ps. recommending a titan seems wierd to me, cause since the beginning of time, I've always been dissapointed with the poor quality and high noise level of titan coolers. My first cooler on the P133 was a titan thing, and it was horrible. They've probably become better, cause the vanessa is being recommended alot, but to me it still sounds like a discount brand - like ecs and matsonic if speaking motherboards.
  4. well I have and Idea that I have posted many times, look at this. I know I've posted it many times over and if you dont mind doing some building this would give you the best cooling than anything you could buy I can assure you of that.

    Its not loud at all only if i turn the fans to speed 3

    BTW the case name is ugly
  5. Lemme rephrase that, I meant that those will be at the bottom of my recommendation's for your rig, with even smaller coolers and other things not even making it...

    Basically, if you don't want to go water or peltier, go for those towers.

    Titan Amanda has been getting pretty great reviews from most of the sites, and one person in HardOCP forum bought it and also liked it a lot. Yeah, they're products never really seemed to grab my attention, but since they're one of two peltier air-coolers around, and it works well, I have to recommend it for what it does.
  6. Perhaps you'd like my current project then :)
    I've taken my old chieftec dragon, put it on the side and removed the front. Tomorrow a coworker will then make a new one (plasma cutter) and we'll put that in as a desktop system. I'll have 3 silverstone FN121 (120mm) fans in the front along with a dvdrw, and I'll have 2 FN81 in the back along with the psu (thermaltake, dual 80mm). Harrdisks will be mounted on the motherboard plate with two screws ("standing up"), and I pretty much think I'll get some decent cooling by just using air. The 120mm fans are rated at 110cfm (at 17dba), and if that spec is realistic, I should have enough airflow without water.
  7. Uh... the FN121? It's rated at 53.24 CFM at 26.6 dBA

    Unless you're talking about another 120mm fan... Don't think anything can put out over 100 CFM under 40 db...

    This is the 120mm fan's I'm putting in for my case:

    220CFM at 65 dBA... glad I have a good supply of earplugs from my time at work.

    But you definitly have a nice case configuration. I still like 120mm more than 80mm, but if that's all you have to work with, then thats all you have. Good luck!
  8. Quote:
    Uh... the FN121? It's rated at 53.24 CFM at 26.6 dBA

    Oh dear you're actually right. I relied so much on our local price comparison site, that I didn't even bother check silverstonetek .... sure hope I can get it down in noise without reducing cfm too much ....
    Here's a link to the page where I found the info - it's in danish, but cfm, dba and numbers mean the same in both languages :)

    Guess I should've picked those aerocool fans instead then .... they rated only about 70cfm at 21dba .... but if they're less incorrect as the silverstone ones, they'd have been the better choice - even with their wierd hybrid bearings.

    As for the 80mm - they're not by choice. Space is an issue in the back. I'll be adding one on 'top' of the backplate for keyboard, usb etc, and one below the graphics card, and just pray it'll be more silent than my thermaltake setup. (damier with 5 80mm, 2 90mm and 1 120mm fan).
  9. Ok I have decided to buy a Water Cooling kit, and possibly some nice case fans that you guys were talking about.

    Now how difficult is it to upgrade the stock CPU water cooling system into a CPU / VGA cooling system for SLI cards? Or do you think i would need an entirely new pump and everything to do it?

    I wish they had a kit for graphics and CPU as those are usually the two hottest items in the case. Im pretty satisfied that my CPU will remain cool but as doughbuy says the 8800 GTX's run super hot which scares me with my room not being the coolest room to begin with. Anybody have any other solutions to cooling the video cards without water?

    Maybe i should just buy a swamp cooler and stick my components in there heh

    PSSSS: Which cases have the most room to have a cooling kit? My choices are the TJ07, C80 Stacker, antec 900. Out of those which do you think would be the best pick for A: Fitting my 2 8800 GTX's and B: fitting my cooling kit?
  10. My first post...I've been hanging around here for a few years and finally decided to join. What the heck, I've been in the IT business for over 30 years so why not join up to my favourite forums... :D

    Now on with what I want to say...

    I am looking at building a new system early in the new year that's almost identical to yours. In one of the earlier posts I see that someone mentioned a TJ07 case, which is what I was also looking at. After following up with the folks at Silverstone it turns out that, according to them anyway, the Enermax Galaxy 1000w power suppply is going to be too long for a TJ07 case. They tell me that anything over 180mm will interfere with the drive cages, the Galaxy is 220mm long... So you may have an issue here if you plan to use both cages at some point.

    Has anyone else had any experience with larger power supplies in a TJ07?
  11. 30 years in business .... gosh you must be old ... anyhow, welcome.
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